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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Sep-2019The association between frailty indicators and blood-based biomarkers in early-old community dwellers of ThailandWarathit Semmarath; Mathuramat Seesen; Supachai Yodkeeree; Ratana Sapbamrer; Pisittawoot Ayood; Rungnapa Malasao; Penprapa Siviroj; Pornngarm Limtrakul (Dejkriengkraikul)
1-Jan-2017Association of health symptoms with low-level exposure to organophosphates, DNA damage, AChE activity, and occupational knowledge and practice among rice, corn, and double-crop farmersSurat Hongsibsong; Nalin Sittitoon; Ratana Sapbamrer
1-Jan-2020Biological variation in kidney injury and kidney function biomarkers among farmers in Lamphun province, ThailandPatthawee Mueangkhiao; Penprapa Siviroj; Ratana Sapbamrer; Supakit Khacha-ananda; Anusorn Lungkaphin; Mathuramat Seesen; Pittaya Jaikwang; Klintean Wunnapuk
1-Jan-2019Changes in lung function and respiratory symptoms during pesticide spraying season among male sprayersRatana Sapbamrer; Sakesun Thongtip; Supakit Khacha-ananda; Nalin Sittitoon; Klintean Wunnapuk
2-Apr-2020Combined black rice germ, bran supplement and exercise intervention modulate aging biomarkers and improve physical performance and lower-body muscle strength parameters in aging populationMathuramat Seesen; Warathit Semmarath; Supachai Yodkeeree; Ratana Sapbamrer; Pisittawoot Ayood; Rungnapa Malasao; Krongporn Ongprasert; Jiraporn Chittrakul; Penprapa Siviroj; Pornngarm Limtrakul
1-May-2020A comparison of child development, growth and illness in home-care and day-care center settingsDarunnee Limtrakul; Krongporn Ongprasert; Pisittawoot Ayood; Ratana Sapbamrer; Penprapa Siviroj
1-May-2020Development of personal protective clothing for reducing exposure to insecticides in pesticide applicatorsManoch Naksata; Anucha Watcharapasorn; Surat Hongsibsong; Ratana Sapbamrer
1-Mar-2020A Dilute-and-Shoot LC–MS/MS Method for Urinary Glyphosate and AMPAPittaya Jaikwang; Anongphan Junkuy; Ratana Sapbamrer; Mathuramat Seesen; Supakit Khacha-ananda; Patthawee Mueangkhiao; Klintean Wunnapuk
1-Nov-2019DNA damage and adverse neurological outcomes among garlic farmers exposed to organophosphate pesticidesRatana Sapbamrer; Surat Hongsibsong; Nalin Sittitoon; Patchareeya Amput
1-Jan-2020Effectiveness of deep breathing and body scan meditation combined with music to improve sleep quality and quality of life in older adultsNitayapa Nanthakwang; Penprapa Siviroj; Anuchart Matanasarawoot; Ratana Sapbamrer; Peerasak Lerttrakarnnon; Ratanaporn Awiphan
1-Jun-2019Effects of prenatal and postnatal exposure to organophosphate pesticides on child neurodevelopment in different age groups: a systematic reviewRatana Sapbamrer; Surat Hongsibsong
1-Jun-2020Factors affecting use of personal protective equipment and pesticide safety practices: A systematic reviewRatana Sapbamrer; Ajchamon Thammachai
17-Feb-2019High blood alcohol concentration associated with traumatic brain injury among traffic injury patients during New Year festivals in ThailandMathuramat Seesen; Penprapa Siviroj; Ratana Sapbamrer; Sompong Morarit
1-Jan-2019A longitudinal follow-up study of oxidative stress and DNA damage among farmers exposed to pesticide mixturesRatana Sapbamrer; Supakit Khacha-Ananda; Nalin Sittitoon; Klintean Wunnapuk; Mathuramat Seesen; Sutthinee Sidthilaw; Jiraporn Chittrakul; Boonsita Suwannakul
1-May-2020Multi-system physical exercise intervention for fall prevention and quality of life in pre-frail older adults: A randomized controlled trialJiraporn Chittrakul; Penprapa Siviroj; Somporn Sungkarat; Ratana Sapbamrer
1-Jan-2014Organophosphorus pesticide residues in vegetables from farms, markets, and a supermarket around Kwan Phayao Lake of Northern ThailandRatana Sapbamrer; Surat Hongsibsong
1-Aug-2018Pesticide Use, Poisoning, and Knowledge and Unsafe Occupational Practices in ThailandRatana Sapbamrer
1-Jan-2020Physical Frailty and Fall Risk in Community-Dwelling Older Adults: A Cross-Sectional StudyJiraporn Chittrakul; Penprapa Siviroj; Somporn Sungkarat; Ratana Sapbamrer
1-Aug-2008Placental transfer of DDT in mother-infant pairs from Northern ThailandRatana Sapbamrer; Tippawan Prapamontol; Ookaew Prakobvitayakit; Yuthsak Vaneesorn; Ampica Mangklabruks; Bertold Hock
1-Jul-2018Removal of organophosphorus pesticide residues in leaf and non-leaf vegetables by using ozone waterSurat Hongsibsong; Ratana Sapbamrer