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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2A comparison of the physicochemical properties of parboiled rice exported from Thailand and five consumer countriesWattanutchariya W.; Tansuchat R.; Ruennareenard J.; Pusadee T.; Prom-u-thai C.
2009The bioavailability of iron fortified in whole grain parboiled riceProm-u-thai C.; Glahn R.P.; Cheng Z.; Fukai S.; Rerkasem B.; Huang L.
1-Jan-2017Characterization of on-farm rice germplasm in an area of the crop's center of diversityJamjod S.; Yimyam N.; Lordkaew S.; Prom-u-thai C.; Rerkasem B.
1-Mar-2016Determination of zinc in rice grains using DTZ staining and ImageJ softwareDuarte R.; Prom-u-thai C.; Amaral D.; Faquin V.; Guilherme L.; Reis A.; Alves E.
1-Sep-2016Distribution of iron and zinc in plant and grain of different rice genotypes grown under aerobic and wetland conditionsSaenchai C.; Prom-u-thai C.; Lordkaew S.; Rouached H.; Rerkasem B.
2008Distribution of protein bodies and phytate-rich inclusions in grain tissues of low and high iron rice genotypesProm-u-thai C.; Huang L.; Rerkasem B.; Thomson G.; Kuo J.; Saunders M.; Dell B.
2007Effect of grain morphology on degree of milling and iron loss in riceProm-u-thai C.; Sanchai C.; Rerkasem B.; Jamjod S.; Fukai S.; Godwin I.D.; Huang L.
1-Jan-2015Effect of high-temperature fluidized bed drying on quality of 'Kum Doi Saket' variety of purple riceJunka N.; Wongs-Aree C.; Wongs-Aree C.; Rattanamechaiskul C.; Kanlayanarat S.; Boonyaritthongchai P.; Boonyaritthongchai P.; Prom-u-thai C.
2012Genotypic variation in milling depression of iron and zinc concentration in rice grainSaenchai C.; Prom-u-thai C.; Jamjod S.; Dell B.; Rerkasem B.
-Iodine biofortification of wheat, rice and maize through fertilizer strategyCakmak I.; Prom-u-thai C.; Guilherme L.; Rashid A.; Hora K.; Yazici A.; Savasli E.; Kalayci M.; Tutus Y.; Phuphong P.; Rizwan M.; Martins F.; Dinali G.; Ozturk L.
2009Iron fortification and parboiled rice quality: Appearance, cooking quality and sensory attributesProm-u-thai C.; Rerkasem B.; Fukai S.; Huang L.
1-Jan-2016Iron, zinc and total antioxidant capacity in different layers of rice grain among different varietiesProm-u-thai C.; Jamrus S.; Jaksomsak P.; Rouached H.; Rerkasem B.
2008Iron-fortified parboiled rice - A novel solution to high iron density in rice-based dietsProm-u-thai C.; Fukai S.; Godwin I.D.; Rerkasem B.; Huang L.
2010Key factors affecting Fe density in Fe-fortified-parboiled rice: Parboiling conditions, storage duration, external Fe-loading rate and genotypic differencesProm-u-thai C.; Rerkasem B.; Fukai S.; Huang L.
2Phenotypic and Genetic Diversity of Local Perilla (Perilla frutescens (L.) Britt.) from Northern ThailandPusadee T.; Prom-u-thai C.; Yimyam N.; Jamjod S.; Rerkasem B.
7Phosphate, phytate and phytases in plants: from fundamental knowledge gained in Arabidopsis to potential biotechnological applications in wheatSecco D.; Bouain N.; Rouached A.; Prom-u-thai C.; Hanin M.; Pandey A.; Rouached H.
Feb- 1Responses of grain zinc and nitrogen concentration to nitrogen fertilizer application in rice varieties with high-yielding low-grain zinc and low-yielding high grain zinc concentrationJaksomsak P.; Rerkasem B.; Prom-u-thai C.
20-Dec-2016Seasonal variation in grain yield and quality in different rice varietiesLaenoi S.; Rerkasem B.; Lordkaew S.; Prom-u-thai C.
2014Variation of seed zinc in a local upland rice germplasm from ThailandJaksomsak P.; Yimyam N.; Dell B.; Prom-u-thai C.; Rerkasem B.
1-Jan-2016Variation of zinc concentration in rice caryopsis and husk among southern rice varieties grown in southern and northern ThailandPanomjan N.; Jamjod S.; Rerkasem B.; Dell B.; Prom-u-thai C.