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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Aug-2020Application of anthocyanin as a color indicator in gelatin filmsSaroat Rawdkuen; Aryna Faseha; Soottawat Benjakul; Pimonpan Kaewprachu
1-Mar-2022Carboxymethyl cellulose from Young Palmyra palm fruit husk: Synthesis, characterization, and film propertiesPimonpan Kaewprachu; Chalalai Jaisan; Saroat Rawdkuen; Wirongrong Tongdeesoontorn; Warinporn Klunklin
1-Jun-2022Development of Intelligent Gelatin Films Incorporated with Sappan (Caesalpinia sappan L.) Heartwood ExtractOrapan Romruen; Pimonpan Kaewprachu; Thomas Karbowiak; Saroat Rawdkuen
1-Jun-2022Enhancing the UV-Light Barrier, Thermal Stability, Tensile Strength, and Antimicrobial Properties of Rice Starch–Gelatin Composite Films through the Incorporation of Zinc Oxide NanoparticlesWantida Homthawornchoo; Pimonpan Kaewprachu; Suttiporn Pinijsuwan; Orapan Romruen; Saroat Rawdkuen
1-Dec-2018Gelatin films with nisin and catechin for minced pork preservationPimonpan Kaewprachu; Chedia Ben Amara; Nadia Oulahal; Adem Gharsallaoui; Catherine Joly; Wirongrong Tongdeesoontorn; Saroat Rawdkuen; Pascal Degraeve
1-Jul-2022Green Tea Extract Enrichment: Mechanical and Physicochemical Properties Improvement of Rice Starch-Pectin Composite FilmWantida Homthawornchoo; Jaejoon Han; Pimonpan Kaewprachu; Orapan Romruen; Saroat Rawdkuen
1-Jul-2022Isolation and Characterization Cellulose Nanosphere from Different Agricultural By-ProductsOrapan Romruen; Pimonpan Kaewprachu; Thomas Karbowiak; Saroat Rawdkuen
1-May-2022Mechanical and Physicochemical Properties of Composite Biopolymer Films Based on Carboxymethyl Cellulose from Young Palmyra Palm Fruit Husk and Rice FlourPimonpan Kaewprachu; Chalalai Jaisan; Warinporn Klunklin; Suphat Phongthai; Saroat Rawdkuen; Wirongrong Tongdeesoontorn
1-Apr-2022Properties of fish myofibrillar protein film: effect of glycerol-sorbitol combinationsPimonpan Kaewprachu; Kazufumi Osako; Natthakan Rungraeng; Saroat Rawdkuen
1-Oct-2020Properties of rice flour-gelatine-nanoclay film with catechin-lysozyme and its use for pork belly wrappingKanokwan Pattarasiriroj; Pimonpan Kaewprachu; Saroat Rawdkuen
1-Jan-2021Using anthocyanin extracts from butterfly pea as ph indicator for intelligent gelatin film and methylcellulose filmSamart Sai-Ut; Phunsiri Suthiluk; Wirongrong Tongdeesoontorn; Saroat Rawdkuen; Pimonpan Kaewprachu; Thomas Karbowiak; Frédéric Debeaufort; Pascal Degraeve