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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
5-Dec-2011Chitosan as an ocular drug delivery vehicle for vancomycinAnutra Khangtragool; Somsanguan Ausayakhun; Phuriwat Leesawat; Chutiporn Laokul; Robert Molloy
22-Mar-2021Co-processing of Chitosan-Kaolin as a Novel Pharmaceutical tablet excipientPhuriwat Leesawat; Chonwipa Yarangsee
1-Jan-2009Evaluation of the use of chitosan in ocular drug delivery of VancomycinAnutra Khangtragool; Somsanguan Ausayakhun; Phuriwat Leesawat; Robert Molloy; Chutiporn Laokul
1-Jan-2021Formulation, physical and chemical stability of ocimum gratissimum l. Leaf oil nanoemulsionNetnapa Ontao; Sirivan Athikomkulchai; Sarin Tadtong; Phuriwat Leesawat; Chuda Chittasupho
1-Jan-2011A framework of ontology-based tablet production supporting system for a drug reformulationNopphadol Chalortham; Phuriwat Leesawat; Taneth Ruangrajitpakorn; Thepchai Supnithi
6-Oct-2008Ontology development for pharmaceutical tablet production expert systemNopphadol Chalortham; Phuriwat Leesawat; Marut Buranarach; Thepchai Supnithi
1-Nov-2021Particle engineering of chitosan and kaolin composite as a novel tablet excipient by nanoparticles formation and co-processingChonwipa Yarangsee; Phanphen Wattanaarsakit; Jakkapan Sirithunyalug; Phuriwat Leesawat
1-Jul-2009Potency of extemporaneous gentamicin eye drops used in maharaj nakorn chiang mai hospitalAnutra Khangtragool; Banyong Khantawa; Phuriwat Leesawat
1-Jul-2021Suppression of intracellular reactive oxygen species in human corneal epithelial cells via the combination of quercetin nanoparticles and epigallocatechin gallate and in situ thermosensitive gel formulation for ocular drug deliveryChuda Chittasupho; Taepin Junmahasathien; Jiratchaya Chalermmongkol; Raksakul Wongjirasakul; Phuriwat Leesawat; Siriporn Okonogi