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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
30-May-2021Advance in compact structure-preserving manner to the Rosenau–Kawahara model of shallow-water waveBen Wongsaijai; Phakdi Charoensawan; Tanadon Chaobankoh; Kanyuta Poochinapan
1-Jan-2021An algorithm for the split feasible problem and image restorationRaweerote Suparatulatorn; Phakdi Charoensawan; Kanyuta Poochinapan; Supreedee Dangskul
1-Jan-2020Best proximity coincidence point results for (α, D)-proximal generalized Geraghty mappings in JS-metric spacesAtit Wiriyapongsanon; Phakdi Charoensawan; Tanadon Chaobankoh
1-Sep-2020Best proximity point results for g-proximal geraghty mappingsPhakdi Charoensawan; Tanadon Chaobankoh
1-Jan-2020Best proximity point theorems for (G, D)-proximal geraghty maps in JS-metric spacesPhakdi Charoensawan; Tanadon Chaobankoh
1-Jun-2020Coincidence point theorems for BKC-contraction mappings in generalized metric spaces endowed with a directed graphPhakdi Charoensawan; Watchareepan Atiponrat
1-Jan-2021Common Best Proximity Point Theorems in JS-Metric Spaces Endowed with GraphsChaiporn Thangthong; Phakdi Charoensawan; Supreedee Dangskul; Narawadee Phudolsitthiphat
1-Dec-2015Common coupled fixed point theorems for θ-ψ-contraction mappings endowed with a directed graphSuthep Suantai; Phakdi Charoensawan; Tatjana Aleksic Lampert
1-Jan-2017Common fixed point and coupled coincidence point theorems for θ-ψ contraction mappings with two metrics endowed with a directed graphPhakdi Charoensawan; Tanadon Chaobankoh
1-Aug-2018Common fixed point results for three maps one of which is multivalued in G-metric spacesNarawadee Phudolsitthiphat; Phakdi Charoensawan
1-Dec-2021Common fixed point theorems for auxiliary functions with applications in fractional differential equationBen Wongsaijai; Phakdi Charoensawan; Teeranush Suebcharoen; Watchareepan Atiponrat
1-Jan-2018Common fixed point theorems for geraghty’s type contraction mapping with two generalized metrics endowed with a directed graph in JS-metric spacesPhakdi Charoensawan
1-Jan-2019Common fixed point theorems for some admissible contraction mapping in JS-metric spacesChaiporn Thangthong; Phakdi Charoensawan
1-Apr-2019Common tripled fixed point theorems for ψ-geraghty-type contraction mappings endowed with a directed graphTanadon Chaobankoh; Phakdi Charoensawan
1-Dec-2013Coupled coincidence point theorems for (φ; ψ)-contractive mixed monotone mapping in partially ordered metric spacesPhakdi Charoensawan; Chalongchai Klanarong
1-Jan-2015Coupled coincidence point theorems for a (β, g)-ψ-contractive mapping in partially ordered g-metric spacesChaiporn Thangthong; Phakdi Charoensawan
1-Dec-2015Coupled coincidence point theorems for a α-ψ-contractive mapping in partially metric spaces with M-invariant setPhakdi Charoensawan
1-Jan-2014Coupled coincidence point theorems for a φ-contractive mapping in partially ordered G-metric spaces without mixed g-monotone propertyChaiporn Thangthong; Phakdi Charoensawan
11-Jun-2013Coupled coincidence point theorems for φ-contractive under (f, g)-invariant set in complete metric spacePhakdi Charoensawan; Chalongchai Klanarong
1-Jan-2014Coupled fixed point theorems for a ϕ-contractive mapping in partial metric spacesPhakdi Charoensawan