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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Nov-2008Complex population history of two Anopheles dirus mosquito species in Southeast Asia suggests the influence of Pleistocene climate change rather than human-mediated effectsS. M. O'Loughlin; T. Okabayashi; M. Honda; Y. Kitazoe; H. Kishino; P. Somboon; T. Sochantha; S. Nambanya; P. K. Saikia; V. Dev; C. Walton
1-Jan-2017Didilia sp. Infecting Phlebotomus stantoni in ThailandS. Sor-Suwan; N. Jariyapan; C. Mano; C. Apiwathnasorn; P. Sriwichai; Y. Samung; P. Siriyasatien; P. A. Bates; P. Somboon
1-Jan-2019The efficacy of pyriproxyfen-treated resting boxes on the reproductivity of Aedes aegypti (Diptera: Culicidae) in the laboratoryS. Suttana; J. Yanola; N. Lumjuan; P. Somboon
1-Jan-2007Genetic diversity and molecular identification of mosquito species in the Anopheles maculatus group using the ITS2 region of rDNAC. Walton; P. Somboon; S. M. O'Loughlin; S. Zhang; R. E. Harbach; Y. M. Linton; B. Chen; K. Nolan; S. Duong; M. Y. Fong; I. Vythilingum; Z. D. Mohammed; Ho Dinh Trung; R. K. Butlin
1-Dec-2005Glutathione S-transferase isoenzymes and the DDTase activity in two DDT-resistant strains of Aedes aegyptiL. Prapanthadara; W. Reunkum; P. Leelapat; W. Suwan; J. Yanola; P. Somboon
2-Jul-2007High levels of population structure caused by habitat islands in the malarial vector Anopheles scanloniS. M. O'Loughlin; P. Somboon; C. Walton
1-Jun-2013Metaphase karyotypes of Anopheles paraliae (Diptera: Culicidae) in Thailand and evidence to support five cytological racesK. Taai; V. Baimai; S. Thongsahuan; A. Saeung; Y. Otsuka; W. Srisuka; P. Sriwichai; P. Somboon; N. Jariyapan; W. Choochote
1-Jan-2019A method for distinguishing the important malaria vectors anopheles dirus and an. Cracens (diptera: Culicidae) based on antennal sensilla of adult femalesK. Taai; R. E. Harbach; P. Somboon; P. Sriwichai; K. Aupalee; W. Srisuka; T. Yasanga; R. Phuackchantuck; W. Jatuwattana; K. Pusawang; A. Saeung
1-Feb-2011Mitochondrial DNA variation in the malaria vector Anopheles minimus across China, Thailand and Vietnam: Evolutionary hypothesis, population structure and population historyB. Chen; P. M. Pedro; R. E. Harbach; P. Somboon; C. Walton; R. K. Butlin
1-Mar-2007Molecular identification of mosquito species in the Anopheles annularis group in southern AsiaC. Walton; P. Somboon; R. E. Harbach; S. Zhang; I. Weerasinghe; S. M. O'Loughlin; S. Phompida; T. Sochantha; W. Tun-Lin; B. Chen; R. K. Butlin
1-Jan-2020Nematocidal effect of Piper retrofractum Vahl on morphology and ultrastructure of Strongyloides stercoralis third-stage infective larvaeD. Riyong; C. Sangkhantree; D. Champakaew; A. Jitpakdi; P. Tippawangkosol; A. Junkum; U. Chaithong; A. Wannasan; T. Yasanya; P. Somboon; B. Pitasawat
1-Jan-2021A new species and four newly recorded species of black flies (Diptera: Simuliidae) from bhutanH. Takaoka; R. Namgay; P. Somboon
1-Dec-2013Relative developmental and reproductive fitness associated with F1534C homozygous knockdown resistant gene in Aedes aegypti from ThailandS. Plernsub; S. A. Stenhouse; P. Tippawangkosol; N. Lumjuan; J. Yanola; W. Choochote; P. Somboon
1-Jan-2017Species composition and population dynamics of phlebotomine sand flies in a Leishmania infected area of Chiang Mai, ThailandS. Sor-Suwan; N. Jariyapan; C. Mano; C. Apiwathnasorn; P. Sriwichai; Y. Samung; P. Siriyasatien; P. A. Bates; P. Somboon