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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Aug-2010Analysis of female salivary gland proteins of the Anopheles barbirostris complex (Diptera: Culicidae) in ThailandNarissara Jariyapan; Visut Baimai; Yong Poovorawan; Sittiruk Roytrakul; Atiporn Saeung; Sorawat Thongsahuan; Sittiporn Suwannamit; Yasushi Otsuka; Wej Choochote
1-Aug-2012Cloning of a trypsin-like serine protease and expression patterns during plasmodium falciparum invasion in the mosquito, anopheles dirus (peyton and harrison)Patchara Sriwichai; Yupha Rongsiryam; Narissara Jariyapan; Jetsumon Sattabongkot; Chamnarn Apiwathnasorn; Duangporn Nacapunchai; Susan Paskewitz
1-Mar-2009Cytogenetic and molecular evidence for an additional new species within the taxon Anopheles barbirostris (Diptera: Culicidae) in ThailandSittiporn Suwannamit; Visut Baimai; Yasushi Otsuka; Atiporn Saeung; Sorawat Thongsahuan; Benjawan Tuetun; Chamnarn Apiwathnasorn; Narissara Jariyapan; Pradya Somboon; Hiroyuki Takaoka; Wej Choochote
24-Feb-2016Early detection of novel Leishmania species DNA in the saliva of two HIV-infected patientsPadet Siriyasatien; Sarunyou Chusri; Kanyarat Kraivichian; Narissara Jariyapan; Thanaporn Hortiwakul; Khachornsakdi Silpapojakul; Adam M. Pym; Atchara Phumee
1-Dec-2005Evidence to support two conspecific cytological races of Anopheles aconitus in ThailandAnuluck Junkum; Narumon Komalamisra; Atchariya Jitpakdi; Narissara Jariyapan; Gi Sik Min; Mi Hyun Park; Kang Hyun Cho; Pradya Somboon; Paul A. Bates; Wej Choochote
26-Mar-2008Expression of three serine protease genes from the South East Asian malaria vector, Anopheles dirus, in relation to blood feeding and parasite infectionPatchara Sriwichai; Yupha Rongsriyam; Narissara Jariyapan; Chamnarn Apiwathnasorn; Jetsumon Sattabongkot; Susan Paskewitz
1-Mar-2012Eyelid bee sting with late migration onto the cornea after primary removal: The mystery of the bee stingerDamrong Wiwatwongwana; Narissara Jariyapan; Atchareeya Wiwatwongwana
17-Nov-2006A glycine- and glutamate-rich protein is female salivary gland-specific and abundant in the malaria vector Anopheles dirus B (Diptera: Culicidae)Narissara Jariyapan; Wej Choochote; Atchariya Jitpakdi; Thasaneeya Harnnoi; Padet Siriyasatein; Mark C. Wilkinson; Paul A. Bates
5-Mar-2014Identification of salivary gland proteins depleted after blood feeding in the malaria vector Anopheles campestris-like mosquitoes (Diptera: Culicidae)Sriwatapron Sor-suwan; Narissara Jariyapan; Sittiruk Roytrakul; Atchara Paemanee; Atchara Phumee; Benjarat Phattanawiboon; Nuchpicha Intakhan; Wetpisit Chanmol; Paul A. Bates; Atiporn Saeung; Wej Choochote
1-Jan-2009Karyotypic variation and geographic distribution of Anopheles campestris-like (Diptera: Culicidae) in ThailandSorawat Thongsahuan; Visut Baimai; Yasushi Otsuka; Atiporn Saeung; Benjawan Tuetun; Narissara Jariyapan; Sittiporn Suwannamit; Pradya Somboon; Atchariya Jitpakdi; Hiroyuki Takaoka; Wej Choochote
18-Jun-2018Leishmania (Mundinia) orientalis n. sp. (Trypanosomatidae), a parasite from Thailand responsible for localised cutaneous leishmaniasisNarissara Jariyapan; Teerada Daroontum; Krit Jaiwong; Wetpisit Chanmol; Nuchpicha Intakhan; Sriwatapron Sor-Suwan; Padet Siriyasatien; Pradya Somboon; Michelle D. Bates; Paul A. Bates
1-Jan-2014Midgut ultrastructure of fourth instar ochlerotatus togoi (Diptera: Culicidae)Nuchpicha Intakhan; Narissara Jariyapan; Wetpisit Chanmol; Sriwatapron Sor-Suwan; Benjarat Phattanawiboon; Atiporn Saeung; Wej Choochote; Paul A. Bates
1-Dec-2006Morphology and electrophoretic protein profiles of female salivary glands in four Oriental black fly species (Diptera: Simuliidae)Narissara Jariyapan; Hiroyuki Takaoka; Wej Choochote; Yong Poovorawan; Yasushi Otsuka; Atchariya Jitpakdi; Anuluck Junkum
1-Jul-2013Peritrophic matrix formation and Brugia malayi microfilaria invasion of the midgut of a susceptible vector, Ochlerotatus togoi (Diptera: Culicidae)Narissara Jariyapan; Atiporn Saeung; Nuchpicha Intakhan; Wetpisit Chanmol; Sriwatapron Sor-Suwan; Benjarat Phattanawiboon; Kritsana Taai; Wej Choochote
1-Sep-2012Proteomic analysis of salivary glands of female Anopheles barbirostris species A2 (Diptera: Culicidae) by two-dimensional gel electrophoresis and mass spectrometryNarissara Jariyapan; Sittiruk Roytrakul; Atchara Paemanee; Anuluck Junkum; Atiporn Saeung; Sorawat Thongsahuan; Sriwatapron Sor-Suwan; Benjarat Phattanawiboon; Yong Poovorawan; Wej Choochote
1-Jan-2007Salivary gland proteins of the human malaria vector, Anopheles dirus B (Diptera: Culicidae)Narissara Jariyapan; Wej Choochote; Atchariya Jitpakdi; Thasaneeya Harnnoi; Padet Siriyasatein; Mark C. Wilkinson; Anuluck Junkum; Paul A. Bates
1-Sep-2016Salivary gland proteome during adult development and after blood feeding of female Anopheles dissidens mosquitoes (Diptera: Culicidae)Benjarat Phattanawiboon; Narissara Jariyapan; Chonlada Mano; Sittiruk Roytrakul; Atchara Paemanee; Sriwatapron Sor-Suwan; Patchara Sriwichai; Atiporn Saeung; Paul A. Bates
1-Mar-2013Salivary gland proteome of the human malaria vector, Anopheles campestris-like (Diptera: Culicidae)Sriwatapron Sor-Suwan; Narissara Jariyapan; Sittiruk Roytrakul; Atchara Paemanee; Atiporn Saeung; Sorawat Thongsahuan; Benjarat Phattanawiboon; Paul A. Bates; Yong Poovorawan; Wej Choochote
1-Sep-2005Sequence analyses of three nuclear ribosomal loci and a mitochondrial locus in cytologically different forms of Thai Anopheles aconitus mosquitoesNarissara Jariyapan; Wej Choochote; Anuluck Junkum; Atchariya Jitpakdi; Narumon Komalamisra; Paul A. Bates; Julian M. Crampton
2017Survey of sand fl ies and Leishmania infection in Doi Saket District, Chiang Mai Province, ThailandSriwatapron Sor-suwan; Narissara Jariyapan; Chonlada Mano; Pradya Somboon