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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2016A Cr-phthalocyanine monolayer as a potential catalyst for NO reduction investigated by DFT calculationsMeeprasert J.; Junkaew A.; Kungwan N.; Jansang B.; Namuangruk S.
30-Mar-2016A DFT study of arsine adsorption on palladium doped graphene: Effects of palladium cluster sizeKunaseth M.; Mudchimo T.; Namuangruk S.; Kungwan N.; Promarak V.; Jungsuttiwong S.
-A DFT study of volatile organic compounds adsorption on transition metal deposited grapheneKunaseth M.; Poldorn P.; Junkeaw A.; Meeprasert J.; Rungnim C.; Namuangruk S.; Kungwan N.; Inntam C.; Jungsuttiwong S.
1-Jan-2017Anchoring number-performance relationship of zinc-porphyrin sensitizers for dye-sensitized solar cells: A combined experimental and theoretical studyKeawin T.; Tarsang R.; Sirithip K.; Prachumrak N.; Sudyoadsuk T.; Namuangruk S.; Roncali J.; Kungwan N.; Promarak V.; Jungsuttiwong S.
28-Feb-2016Capability of defective graphene-supported Pd<inf>13</inf> and Ag<inf>13</inf> particles for mercury adsorptionMeeprasert J.; Junkaew A.; Rungnim C.; Kunaseth M.; Kungwan N.; Promarak V.; Namuangruk S.
1-Jan-2017Combined experimental and theoretical investigation on Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer of dye loaded on LTL zeoliteInsuwan W.; Rangsriwatananon K.; Meeprasert J.; Namuangruk S.; Surakhot Y.; Kungwan N.; Jungsuttiwong S.
2014Combined experimental and theoretical investigation on photophysical properties of trans-azobenzene confined in LTL zeolite: Effect of cis-isomer formingInsuwan W.; Rangsriwatananon K.; Meeprasert J.; Namuangruk S.; Surakhot Y.; Kungwan N.; Jungsuttiwong S.
5-Jun-2016Complete reaction mechanisms of mercury oxidation on halogenated activated carbonRungnim C.; Promarak V.; Hannongbua S.; Kungwan N.; Namuangruk S.
1-Jan-2016Coumarin-based donor–π–acceptor organic dyes for a dye-sensitized solar cell: photophysical properties and electron injection mechanismNamuangruk S.; Jungsuttiwong S.; Kungwan N.; Promarak V.; Sudyoadsuk T.; Jansang B.; Ehara M.
30-Jan-2016Density functional theory study of elemental mercury adsorption on boron doped graphene surface decorated by transition metalsJungsuttiwong S.; Wongnongwa Y.; Namuangruk S.; Kungwan N.; Promarak V.; Kunaseth M.
30-Jun-2012The effect of conjugated spacer on novel carbazole derivatives for dye-sensitized solar cells: Density functional theory/time-dependent density functional theory studyJungsuttiwong S.; Yakhanthip T.; Surakhot Y.; Khunchalee J.; Sudyoadsuk T.; Promarak V.; Kungwan N.; Namuangruk S.
1-Jan-2015Effects of π-linker, anchoring group and capped carbazole at meso-substituted zinc-porphyrins on conversion efficiency of DSSCsChitpakdee C.; Namuangruk S.; Suttisintong K.; Jungsuttiwong S.; Keawin T.; Sudyoadsuk T.; Sirithip K.; Promarak V.; Kungwan N.
2014Location and reactivity of extra-framework cation in the alkali exchanged LTL zeolites: A periodic density functional studyMeeprasert J.; Kungwan N.; Jungsuttiwong S.; Namuangruk S.
2-Nov-2016Manipulation of Amorphous-to-Crystalline Transformation: Towards the Construction of Covalent Organic Framework Hybrid Microspheres with NIR Photothermal Conversion AbilityTan J.; Namuangruk S.; Kong W.; Kungwan N.; Guo J.; Wang C.
-Mechanistic study of CO oxidation by N<inf>2</inf>O over Ag<inf>7</inf>Au<inf>6</inf> cluster investigated by DFT methodsWongnongwa Y.; Namuangruk S.; Kungwan N.; Jungsuttiwong S.
1-Jan-2017Mechanistic study of NO oxidation on Cr-phthalocyanine: theoretical insightJunkaew A.; Meeprasert J.; Jansang B.; Kungwan N.; Namuangruk S.
9Microporous, Self-Segregated, Graphenal Polymer Nanosheets Prepared by Dehydrogenative Condensation of Aza-PAHs Building Blocks in the Solid StateYuan F.; Li J.; Namuangruk S.; Kungwan N.; Guo J.; Wang C.
-Modulation of π-spacer of carbazole-carbazole based organic dyes toward high efficient dye-sensitized solar cellsChitpakdee C.; Jungsuttiwong S.; Sudyoadsuk T.; Promarak V.; Kungwan N.; Namuangruk S.
33N-Type Superconductivity in an Organic Mott Insulator Induced by Light-Driven Electron-DopingSuda M.; Takashina N.; Namuangruk S.; Kungwan N.; Sakurai H.; Yamamoto H.
2014Organic sensitizers with modified di(thiophen-2-yl)phenylamine donor units for dye-sensitized solar cells: a computational studyNamuangruk S.; Meeprasert J.; Jungsuttiwong S.; Promarak V.; Kungwan N.