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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Aug-2022Airborne Nanoparticles (PM<inf>0.1</inf>) in Southeast Asian Cities: A ReviewWorradorn Phairuang; Muhammad Amin; Mitsuhiko Hata; Masami Furuuchi
1-Apr-2022Carbon and Trace Element Compositions of Total Suspended Particles (TSP) and Nanoparticles (PM0.1) in Ambient Air of Southern Thailand and Characterization of Their SourcesMuanfun Inerb; Worradorn Phairuang; Phakphum Paluang; Mitsuhiko Hata; Masami Furuuchi; Prasit Wangpakapattanawong
1-Jan-2020The characteristics of carbonaceous particles down to the nanoparticle range in Rangsit city in the Bangkok Metropolitan Region, ThailandYaowatat Boongla; Phuvasa Chanonmuang; Mitsuhiko Hata; Masami Furuuchi; Worradorn Phairuang
5-Mar-2022Characteristics of trace elements bound to ambient nanoparticles (PM<inf>0.1</inf>) and a health risk assessment in southern ThailandWorradorn Phairuang; Muanfun Inerb; Mitsuhiko Hata; Masami Furuuchi
1-Dec-2021Characteristics, sources, and health risks of ambient nanoparticles (PM<inf>0.1</inf>) bound metal in Bangkok, ThailandWorradorn Phairuang; Panwadee Suwattiga; Surapa Hongtieab; Muanfun Inerb; Masami Furuuchi; Mitsuhiko Hata
1-Feb-2023Fine and ultrafine particle- and gas-polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons affecting southern Thailand air quality during transboundary haze and potential health effectsNapawan Mahasakpan; Phatsarakorn Chaisongkaew; Muanfun Inerb; Nobchonnee Nim; Worradorn Phairuang; Surajit Tekasakul; Masami Furuuchi; Mitsuhiko Hata; Thaniya Kaosol; Perapong Tekasakul; Racha Dejchanchaiwong
1-Jan-2021Influence of meteorological conditions and fire hotspots on pm<inf>0.1</inf> in northern thailand during strong haze episodes and carbonaceous aerosol characterizationChaiyoth Sresawasd; Thaneeya Chetiyanukornkul; Phuchiwan Suriyawong; Surajit Tekasakul; Masami Furuuchi; Mitsuhiko Hata; Rachane Malinee; Perapong Tekasakul; Racha Dejchanchaiwong
1-Apr-2019The influence of the open burning of agricultural biomass and forest fires in Thailand on the carbonaceous components in size-fractionated particlesWorradorn Phairuang; Panwadee Suwattiga; Thaneeya Chetiyanukornkul; Surapa Hongtieab; Wongpun Limpaseni; Fumikazu Ikemori; Mitsuhiko Hata; Masami Furuuchi
1-Aug-2017Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and their nitro derivatives from indoor biomass-fueled cooking in two rural areas of Thailand: a case studyWalaiporn Orakij; Thaneeya Chetiyanukornkul; Chieko Kasahara; Yaowatat Boongla; Thanyarat Chuesaard; Masami Furuuchi; Mitsuhiko Hata; Ning Tang; Kazuichi Hayakawa; Akira Toriba
1-Jan-2022Seasonal variation and size distribution of inorganic and carbonaceous components, source identification of size-fractioned urban air particles in Kuala Lumpur, MalaysiaAnas Ahmad Jamhari; Mohd Talib Latif; Muhammad Ikram A. Wahab; Hanashriah Hassan; Murnira Othman; Haris Hafizal Abd Hamid; Perapong Tekasakul; Worradorn Phairuang; Mitsuhiko Hata; Masami Furuchi; Nor Fadilah Rajab
1-Nov-2021Size-segregated particulate mass and carbonaceous components in roadside and riverside environmentsMuhammad Amin; Rizki Andre Handika; Rahmi Mulia Putri; Worradorn Phairuang; Mitsuhiko Hata; Perapong Tekasakul; Masami Furuuchi
1-Nov-2021Size-segregated particulate matter down to pm0.1 and carbon content during the rainy and dry seasons in sumatra island, IndonesiaMuhammad Amin; Rahmi Mulia Putri; Rizki Andre Handika; Aulia Ullah; Fadjar Goembira; Worradorn Phairuang; Fumikazu Ikemori; Mitsuhiko Hata; Perapong Tekasakul; Masami Furuuchi