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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Nov-2006Control of flower induction in tropical/subtropical fruit trees by phytohormones using the example of longan and mangoM. Hegele; F. Bangerth; D. Naphrom; P. Sruamsiri; P. Manochai
1-Jan-2008Effect of girdling and defoliation of longan shoots on hormonal changes during flower induction by KClO<inf>3</inf>M. Hegele; J. Wünsche; P. Manochai; D. Naphrom; P. Sruamsiri
13-May-2010Effects of girdling and defoliation on hormonal changes during flower induction in longan (Dimocarpus longan Lour.)P. Tiyayon; C. Sritontip; M. Hegele; P. Manochai; P. Sruamsiri; J. N. Wünsche
13-May-2010Effects of temperature and potassium chlorate on leaf gas exchange and flowering in longanC. Sritontip; P. Tiyayon; M. Hegele; P. Sruamsiri; D. Naphrom; P. Manochai; J. N. Wünsche
1-Apr-2008Flowering in longan (Dimocarpus longan L.) induced by hormonal changes following KClO<inf>3</inf> applicationsM. Hegele; P. Manochai; D. Naphrom; P. Sruamsiri; J. Wünsche
13-May-2010Hormonal control of flower induction in litchi and longanM. Hegele; C. Sritontip; A. Chattrakul; P. Tiyayon; D. Naphrom; K. Sringarm; P. Sruamsiri; P. Manochai; J. N. Wünsche
1-Aug-2011Studies on the molecular basis of flowering in longan (dimocarpus longan)P. Tiyayon; M. Hegele; J. N. Wúnsche; K. Pongsriwat; P. Sruamsiri; A. Samach
15-May-2005Year around off season flower induction in longan (Dimocarpus longan, Lour.) trees by KClO<inf>3</inf>applications: Potentials and problemsP. Manochai; P. Sruamsiri; W. Wiriya-Alongkorn; D. Naphrom; M. Hegele; F. Bangerth