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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
14-Jan-2013Density functional molecular dynamics simulations investigation of proton transfer and inter-molecular reorientation under external electrostatic field perturbation: Case studies for water and imidazole systemsPiyarat Nimmanpipug; Janchai Yana; Vannajan Sanghiran Lee; Sornthep Vannarat; Suwabun Chirachanchai; Kohji Tashiro
1-Jan-2015DFT study of proton transfer in methyl urocanate and butyl urocanateJanchai Yana; Suwabun Chirachanchai; Chatchai Jarumaneeroj; Vannajan Sanghiran Lee; Kanchanok Kodchakorn; Kohji Tashiro; Piyarat Nimmanpipug
26-Oct-2006Factors governing the three-dimensional hydrogen-bond network structure of poly(m-phenylene isophthalamide) and a series of its model compounds (4): Similarity in local conformation and packing structure between a complicated three-arm model compound and the linear model compoundsPiyarat Nimmanpipug; Kohji Tashiro; Orapin Rangsiman
1-Mar-2008Molecular functionalization of cold-plasma-treated Bombyx mon silkPiyarat Nimmanpipug; Vannajan Sanghiran Lee; Sorapong Janhom; Pradoong Suanput; Dherawan Boonyawan; Kohji Tashiro
1-Jan-2019PH-induced conformational changes in histamine in the solid stateKanchanok Kodchakorn; Piyarat Nimmanpipug; Suttinun Phongtamrug; Kohji Tashiro
1-Dec-2015Proton transfer mechanism of 1,3,5-tri(2-benzimidazolyl) benzene with a unique triple-stranded hydrogen bond network as studied by DFT-MD simulationsPiyarat Nimmanpipug; Teerawit Laosombat; Vannajan Sanghiran Lee; Sornthep Vannarat; Suwabun Chirachanchai; Janchai Yana; Kohji Tashiro