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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2014Approximate nearest neighbor search using self-organizing map clustering for face recognition systemPaitoon Yodkhad; Aram Kawewong; Karn Patanukhom
24-Nov-2017Development of Thai question answering systemHatsanai Decha; Karn Patanukhom
24-Nov-2017Finding geolocation of map imageChawasit Tengtrairatana; Theerapat Satthajarupong; Karn Patanukhom
30-Jul-2010Image restoration based on a pair of noisy and motion blurred imagesKarn Patanukhom
1-Dec-2013Internet-vision based vehicle model query system using eigenfaces and pyramid of histogram of oriented gradientsThitiphat Anakavej; Aram Kawewong; Karn Patanukhom
1-Jan-2015Key frame extraction for text based video retrieval using Maximally Stable Extremal RegionsWerachard Wattanarachothai; Karn Patanukhom
1-Jan-2014License plate localization using MSERs and vehicle frontal mask localization using visual saliency for vehicle recognitionThitiphat Anakavej; Aram Kawewong; Karn Patanukhom
1-Dec-2013Measurement of size and distance of objects using mobile devicesSuraphol Laotrakunchai; Akarapas Wongkaew; Karn Patanukhom
1-Dec-2011Modified Sub-Harmonic Summation method for Time-Frequency analysis in melody extractionThanatphorn Kuntharose; Karn Patanukhom
1-Jan-2015MSER based text localization for multi-language using double-threshold schemeChayut Wiwatcharakoses; Karn Patanukhom
Feb-2021A Novel string grammar relational fuzzy clusteringSansanee Auephanwiriyakul; Nipon Theera-Umpon; Karn Patanukhom; Apiwat Budwong
1-Jan-2014Object categorization using co-occurrence and spatial relationship with human interactionPrapatsorn Wisuttirungseurai; Aram Kawewong; Karn Patanukhom
1-Nov-2021Predicting spatiotemporal demand of dockless e-scooter sharing services with a masked fully convolutional networkSanti Phithakkitnukooon; Karn Patanukhom; Merkebe Getachew Demissie
1-Jan-2014Saliency-weighted holistic scene text recognition for unseen place categorizationPhawis Thammasorn; Karn Patanukhom; Rapeeporn Pimup
19-Jul-2017Self-learning structure for text localizationSupakorn Intaratat; Karn Patanukhom
1-Jan-2015Stereo image based object localization framework for visually impaired people using edge orientation histogram and co-occurrence matricesSupakit Fuangkaew; Karn Patanukhom
1-Dec-2013Two-stage recognition for printed Thai and English characters using nearest neighbor and support vector machineChayut Wiwatcharakoses; Karn Patanukhom
1-Jan-2014Vehicle logo detection using convolutional neural network and pyramid of histogram of oriented gradientsWasin Thubsaeng; Aram Kawewong; Karn Patanukhom