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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Sep-2017Anatomy, histology and elemental profile of long bones and ribs of the Asian elephant (Elephas maximus)Korakot Nganvongpanit; Puntita Siengdee; Kittisak Buddhachat; Janine L. Brown; Sarisa Klinhom; Tanita Pitakarnnop; Taweepoke Angkawanish; Chatchote Thitaram
1-Jan-2016Assessment of faecal glucocorticoid metabolite excretion in captive female fishing cats (Prionailurus viverinus) in ThailandJaruwan Khonmee; Narathip Vorawattanatham; Anuchai Pinyopummin; Chatchote Thitaram; Chaleamchat Somgird; Veerasak Punyapornwithaya; Janine L. Brown
1-Jun-2019Associations among tourist camp management, high and low tourist seasons, and welfare factors in female Asian elephants in ThailandTreepradab Norkaew; Janine L. Brown; Chatchote Thitaram; Pakkanut Bansiddhi; Chaleamchat Somgird; Veerasak Punyapornwithaya; Khanittha Punturee; Preeyanat Vongchan; Nopphamas Somboon; Jaruwan Khonmee
1-Jan-2015Blood compatibility testing in asian elephants using an indirect antiglobulin technique to improve captive breeding successPakkanut Bansiddhi; Preeyanat Vongchan; Achiraya Satityuenyong; Khajohnpat Boonprasert; Sittidet Mahasawangkul; Ronnachit Roongsri; Janine L. Brown; Chatchote Thitaram
1-Oct-2018Body condition and adrenal glucocorticoid activity affects metabolic marker and lipid profiles in captive female elephants in ThailandTreepradab Norkaew; Janine L. Brown; Pakkanut Bansiddhi; Chaleamchat Somgird; Chatchote Thitaram; Veerasak Punyapornwithaya; Khanittha Punturee; Preeyanat Vongchan; Nopphamas Somboon; Jaruwan Khonmee
Jul-2014Characterization of Longitudinal Fecal Steroid Hormone Profiles in Captive Chinese Goral (Naemorhedus griseus)Chatchote Thitaram; Janine L. Brown; Suvichai Rojanasthien; Petai Pongpiachan; Jaruwan Khonmee
1-May-2022Characterization of Longitudinal Testosterone, Cortisol, and Musth in Male Asian Elephants (Elephas maximus), Effects of Aging, and Adrenal Responses to Social Changes and Health EventsSharon S. Glaeser; Katie L. Edwards; Stephen Paris; Candace Scarlata; Bob Lee; Nadja Wielebnowski; Shawn Finnell; Chaleamchat Somgird; Janine L. Brown
1-Jan-2020Circadian rhythm of salivary immunoglobulin a and associations with cortisol as a stress biomarker in captive asian elephants (Elephas maximus)Tithipong Plangsangmas; Janine L. Brown; Chatchote Thitaram; Ayona Silva Fletcher; Katie L. Edwards; Veerasak Punyapornwithaya; Patcharapa Towiboon; Chaleamchat Somgird
1-Jan-2021Clinical characteristics of elephant endotheliotropic herpesvirus (EEHV) cases in Asian elephants (Elephas maximus) in Thailand during 2006–2019Yaoprapa Yun; Supaphen Sripiboon; Kidsadagon Pringproa; Phongsakorn Chuammitri; Veerasak Punyapornwithaya; Khajohnpat Boonprasert; Pallop Tankaew; Taweepoke Angkawanish; Kittikul Namwongprom; Orapun Arjkumpa; Janine L. Brown; Chatchote Thitaram
1-Apr-2020Commonalities in management and husbandry factors important for health and welfare of captive elephants in north America and ThailandJanine L. Brown; Pakkanut Bansiddhi; Jaruwan Khonmee; Chatchote Thitaram
1-Jun-2016Comparison of Bone Tissue Elements Between Normal and Osteoarthritic Pelvic Bones in DogsKorakot Nganvongpanit; Kittisak Buddhachat; Janine L. Brown
15-Apr-2016Differential testosterone response to GnRH-induced LH release before and after musth in adult Asian elephant (Elephas maximus) bullsChaleamchat Somgird; Supaphen Sripiboon; Sittidet Mahasawangkul; Khajohnpat Boonprasert; Janine L. Brown; Tom A.E. Stout; Ben Colenbrander; Chatchote Thitaram
1-Mar-2017Distinguishing real from fake ivory products by elemental analyses: A Bayesian hybrid classification methodKittisak Buddhachat; Janine L. Brown; Chatchote Thitaram; Sarisa Klinhom; Korakot Nganvongpanit
1-Jan-2018Effect of Artificial Piglet Suckling Sounds on Behavior and Performance of Piglets and Adrenal Responses of SowsJaruwan Khonmee; Thanat Wathirunwong; Terdsak Yano; Chaleamchat Somgird; Janine L. Brown; Panuwat Yamsakul
8-Feb-2024Effect of the COVID-19 crisis on tourist elephant camp management and elephant welfare in Chiang Mai, ThailandJaruwan Khonmee; Chatchote Thitaram; Veerasak Punyapornwithaya; Janine L. Brown; Pakkanut Bansiddhi; จารวี สุปันต๋า
1-Oct-2020Effect of tourist activities on fecal and salivary glucocorticoids and immunoglobulin a in female captive asian elephants in thailandWorapong Kosaruk; Janine L. Brown; Tithipong Plangsangmas; Patcharapa Towiboon; Veerasak Punyapornwithaya; Ayona Silva-Fletcher; Chatchote Thitaram; Jaruwan Khonmee; Katie L. Edwards; Chaleamchat Somgird
1-Mar-2016Elemental Analysis of Asian Elephant (Elephas maximus) Teeth Using X-ray Fluorescence and a Comparison to Other SpeciesKorakot Nganvongpanit; Janine L. Brown; Kittisak Buddhachat; Chaleamchat Somgird; Chatchote Thitaram
1-May-2016Elemental analysis of bone, teeth, horn and antler in different animal species using non-invasive handheld X-ray fluorescenceKittisak Buddhachat; Sarisa Klinhom; Puntita Siengdee; Janine L. Brown; Raksiri Nomsiri; Patcharaporn Kaewmong; Chatchote Thitaram; Pasuk Mahakkanukrauh; Korakot Nganvongpanit
1-Mar-2018Elephant endotheliotropic herpesvirus associated with clostridium perfringens infection in two Asian elephant (Elephas maximus) calvesKittikorn Boonsri; Chaleamchat Somgird; Pheudphol Noinafai; Kidsadagon Pringproa; Thittaya Janyamethakul; Taweepoke Angkawanish; Janine L. Brown; Pallop Tankaew; Saralee Srivorakul; Chatchote Thitaram
1-Jan-2019Elephant Tourism in Thailand: A Review of Animal Welfare Practices and NeedsPakkanut Bansiddhi; Janine L. Brown; Chatchote Thitaram; Veerasak Punyapornwithaya; Korakot Nganvongpanit