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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009The bioavailability of iron fortified in whole grain parboiled riceProm-u-thai C.; Glahn R.P.; Cheng Z.; Fukai S.; Rerkasem B.; Huang L.
2008Distribution of protein bodies and phytate-rich inclusions in grain tissues of low and high iron rice genotypesProm-u-thai C.; Huang L.; Rerkasem B.; Thomson G.; Kuo J.; Saunders M.; Dell B.
-Down-regulation of the human VEGF gene expression by perylene monoimide derivativesTaka T.; Joonlasak K.; Huang L.; Randall Lee T.; Chang S.-W.T.; Tuntiwechapikul W.
2007Effect of grain morphology on degree of milling and iron loss in riceProm-u-thai C.; Sanchai C.; Rerkasem B.; Jamjod S.; Fukai S.; Godwin I.D.; Huang L.
2004Enhanced boron transport into the ear of wheat as a mechanism for boron efficiencyNachiangmai D.; Dell B.; Bell R.; Huang L.; Rerkasem B.
2009Iron fortification and parboiled rice quality: Appearance, cooking quality and sensory attributesProm-u-thai C.; Rerkasem B.; Fukai S.; Huang L.
2008Iron-fortified parboiled rice - A novel solution to high iron density in rice-based dietsProm-u-thai C.; Fukai S.; Godwin I.D.; Rerkasem B.; Huang L.
2010Key factors affecting Fe density in Fe-fortified-parboiled rice: Parboiling conditions, storage duration, external Fe-loading rate and genotypic differencesProm-u-thai C.; Rerkasem B.; Fukai S.; Huang L.
2013Telomere shortening and cell senescence induced by perylene derivatives in A549 human lung cancer cellsTaka T.; Huang L.; Wongnoppavich A.; Tam-Chang S.-W.; Lee T.R.; Tuntiwechapikul W.