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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
17-Sep-2013Carpenter bees and the orchid of a princess: Natural pollination of Sirindhornia monophylla in ThailandKanok Orn Srimuang; Hans Bänziger; Henrik Pedersen; Santi Watthana
1-May-2018Congregations of tear drinking bees at human eyes: Foraging strategies for an invaluable resource by Lisotrigona in Thailand (Apidae, Meliponini)Hans Bänziger
1-May-2016The functional significance of complex floral colour pattern in a food-deceptive orchidXiaokai Ma; Jun Shi; Hans Bänziger; Yangna Sun; Yanyan Guo; Zhongjian Liu; Steven D. Johnson; Yibo Luo
1-Feb-2021Morphological description, DNA barcodes and phylogenetic placement of a new mite species: Dinogamasus saengdaoae sp. nov. (Mesostigmata: Laelapidae) found in the acarinarium of carpenter bees in ThailandKorrawat Attasopa; Rafael R. Ferrari; Panuwan Chantawannakul; Hans Bänziger
29-Jun-2018A new species of lepidotrigona (hymenoptera: Apidae) from Thailand with the description of males of l. Flavibasis and l. Doipaensis and comments on asymmetrical genitalia in beesKorrawat Attasopa; Hans Bänziger; Terd Disayathanoowat; Laurence Packer
1-Jul-2005Pollination of a slippery lady slipper orchid in south-west China: Cypripedium guttatum (Orchidaceae)Hans Bänziger; Haiqin Sun; Yi Bo Luo
1-Jan-2008Pollination of wild lady slipper orchids Cypripedium yunnanense and C. flavum (Orchidaceae) in south-west China: Why are there no hybrids?Hans Bänziger; Haiqin Sun; Yi B. Luo
1-Apr-2008Pollination of wild lady slipper orchids Cypripedium yunnanense and C. flavum (Orchidaceae) in south-west China: Why are there no hybrids? (Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society (January 2008) 156: 1 (51-64))Hans Bänziger; Haiqin Sun; Yi B. Luo
23-May-2018Pollination-system diversity in Epipactis (Orchidaceae): new insights from studies of E. flava in ThailandHenrik Pedersen; Kanok orn Srimuang; Hans Bänziger; Santi Watthana
1-Jan-2011The remarkable nest entrance of tear drinking Pariotrigona klossi and other stingless bees nesting in limestone cavities (Hymenoptera: Apidae)Hans Bänziger; Supalak Pumikong; Kanok Orn Srimuang
28-Mar-2022Strong emissions of carbon dioxide and water vapour by Sapria himalayana Griff. (Rafflesiaceae): waste or necessity in a cool flower?Hans Bänziger; Andreas Gigon; Saengdao Bänziger; Piyawan Suttiprapan