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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20143D simulations on surface growth via chemical vapour deposition: Kinetic monte carlo investigationThongon A.; Choopun S.; Yimnirun R.; Laosiritaworn Y.
2013Atomic force microscopy adhesion mapping: Revealing assembly process in inorganic systemsPimpang P.; Zoolfakar A.S.; Wongratanaphisan D.; Gardchareon A.; Nguyen E.P.; Zhuiykov S.; Choopun S.; Kalantar-Zadeh K.
2009Au-doped zinc oxide nanostructure sensors for detection and discrimination of volatile organic compoundsWongchoosuk C.; Choopun S.; Tuantranont A.; Kerdcharoen T.
2010AZO/Ag/AZO multilayer films prepared by DC magnetron sputtering for dye-sensitized solar cell applicationSutthana S.; Hongsith N.; Choopun S.
2014Boron-doped MnTe semiconductor-sensitized ZnO solar cellsTubtimtae A.; Sheangliw S.; Hongsith K.; Choopun S.
2008Characterization of SnO2 nanowires synthesized from SnO by carbothermal reduction processThanasanvorakun S.; Mangkorntong P.; Choopun S.; Mangkorntong N.
2007Characterization of ZnO nanobelt-based gas sensor for H2, NO2, and hydrocarbon sensingSadek A.Z.; Choopun S.; Wlodarski W.; Ippolito S.J.; Kalantar-zadeh K.
2009Comparative study of ethanol sensor based on gold nanoparticles: ZnO nanostructure and gold: ZnO nanostructureWongrat E.; Pimpang P.; Choopun S.
2012Control of depletion layer width via amount of AuNPs for sensor response enhancement in ZnO nanostructure sensorWongrat E.; Hongsith N.; Wongratanaphisan D.; Gardchareon A.; Choopun S.
2009Copper oxide thin film and nanowire as a barrier in ZnO dye-sensitized solar cellsRaksa P.; Nilphai S.; Gardchareon A.; Choopun S.
2008CuO nanostructure by oxidization of copper thin filmsRaksa P.; Gardchareon A.; Mangkorntong N.; Choopun S.
2013Development of networked electronic nose based on multi-walled carbon nanotubes/polymer composite gas sensor arrayLutz M.; Wongchoosuk C.; Tuantranont A.; Choopun S.; Singjai P.; Kerdcharoen T.
2012Effect of Mg xZn 1-xO thin film as barrier layer for efficiency improvement of ZnO dye-sensitized solar cellsPengpad A.; Hongsith N.; Wongratanaphisan D.; Gardchareon A.; Choopun S.
2008Effect of platinum impregnation on ZnO tetrapods for ethanol sensorHongsith N.; Choopun S.
2011Effect of solution on growth of zinc oxide tetrapod by thermal oxidation techniqueBhoomanee C.; Hongsith N.; Wongrat E.; Choopun S.; Wongratanaphisan D.
2008Effect of stabilizer on preparation of silver and gold nanoparticle using grinding methodPimpang P.; Sutham W.; Mangkorntong N.; Mangkorntong P.; Choopun S.
2010Enhancement of ethanol sensing properties by alloying TiO2 with ZnO tetrapodsSanthaveesuk T.; Wongratanaphisan D.; Choopun S.
2010Enhancement of ethanol sensing properties by impregnating platinum on surface of ZnO tetrapodsHongsith N.; Choopun S.
2011Enhancement of sensor response by Au nanoparticles doping on ZnO tetrapod sensorBhoomanee C.; Gardchareon A.; Hongsith N.; Choopun S.; Wongratanaphisan D.
1-Dec-2012Ethanol sensing characteristics of sensors based on ZnO:Al nanostructures prepared by thermal oxidationChoopun S.; Choopun S.; Wongratanaphisan D.; Wongratanaphisan D.; Gardchareon A.; Gardchareon A.; Wongrat E.