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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Feb-2019Comparative study of stress characteristics in surrounding bone during insertion of dental implants of three different thread designs: A three-dimensional dynamic finite element studyChaiwat Udomsawat; Pimduen Rungsiyakull; Chaiy Rungsiyakull; Pathawee Khongkhunthian
1-Jun-2022Effect of Different Customized Abutment Types on Stress Distribution in Implant-Supported Single Crown: A 3D Finite Element AnalysisSuphakrit Pumnil; Pimduen Rungsiyakull; Chaiy Rungsiyakull; Shaymaa Elsaka
1-Jan-2022Effect of Number and Location on Stress Distribution of Mini Dental Implant-Assisted Mandibular Kennedy Class I Removable Partial Denture: Three-Dimensional Finite Element AnalysisWissanee Jia-Mahasap; Chaiy Rungsiyakull; Wipahatpong Bumrungsiri; Natthaphorn Sirisereephap; Pimduen Rungsiyakull
1-Jan-2021Effect of the Location of Dental Mini-Implants on Strain Distribution under Mandibular Kennedy Class I Implant-Retained Removable Partial DenturesPimduen Rungsiyakull; Kallaya Kujarearntaworn; Pathawee Khongkhunthian; Michael Swain; Chaiy Rungsiyakull
1-Jul-2022Effectiveness of Innovation Basic Life Support Training Devices to Layperson: A Randomized Controlled TrialWiput Laosuksri; Boriboon Chenthanakij; Krongkarn Sutham; Wetchayan Rangsri; Radom Pongvuthitham; Chaiy Rungsiyakull; Thawan Sucharitakul; Navadon Khunlertgit; Borwon Wittayachamnankul
Jun-2021Effects of bone types on bone remodeling of a single implant: a Finite Element studyPimduen Rungsiyakull; Chaiy Rungsiyakull; Montip Monstaporn
1-Aug-2022Effects of composite resin core level and periodontal pocket depth on crack propagation in endodontically treated teeth: An extended finite element method studyNarissara Boonrawd; Pimduen Rungsiyakull; Chaiy Rungsiyakull; Phumisak Louwakul
1-Mar-2016Effects of design parameters on fracture resistance of glass simulated dental crownsZhongpu Zhang; Tanapon Sornsuwan; Chaiy Rungsiyakull; Wei Li; Qing Li; Michael V. Swain
1-Jan-2018Effects of different numbers of mini-dental implants on alveolar ridge strain distribution under mandibular implant-retained overdenturesPongsakorn Warin; Pimduen Rungsiyakull; Chaiy Rungsiyakull; Pathawee Khongkhunthian
May-2021Effects of particle angularity on micro-macro mechanical behaviors and segregation in 2D granular materialItthichai Preechawuttipong; Chaiy Rungsiyakull; Chinnapat Buachart; Emilien AzĀ“ema; Theechalit Binaree
1-Jan-2011Loading of a single implant in simulated bonePimduen Rungsiyakull; Chaiy Rungsiyakull; Richard Appleyard; Qing Li; Micheal Swain; Iven Klineberg
1-Jan-2022Stress Distribution Pattern in Mini Dental Implant-Assisted RPD with Different Clasp Designs: 3D Finite Element AnalysisChaiy Rungsiyakull; Pimduen Rungsiyakull; Kullapop Suttiat; Nut Duangrattanaprathip
1-Jan-2018A study of mechanical properties of bone cement containing micro- and nano- hydroxyapatite particlesPhanrawee Sriprapha; Chaiy Rungsiyakull; Kamonpan Pengpat; Tawee Tunkasiri; Sukum Eitssayeam