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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2022Effect of N Source on Growth and N Uptake of Hippeastrum Using<sup>15</sup>N TracersChaiartid Inkham; Kanokwan Panjama; Takashi Sato; Soraya Ruamrungsri
1-Jan-2021Effects of short day cycles on flowering time and nutritional status of VandaSoraya Ruamrungsri; Takonwan Sirisawad; Kanokwan Panjama; Nuttha Potapohn; Chaiartid Inkham
1-Apr-2022Irrigation Levels and Fertilization Rates as Pre-Harvest Factors Affecting the Growth and Quality of HippeastrumChaiartid Inkham; Kanokwan Panjama; Soraya Ruamrungsri
2012Nitrogen requirement evaluation and nitrogen utilization in Curcuma alismatifolia Gagnep. = การประเมินความต้องการไนโตรเจนและการนำไนโตรเจนไปใช้ประโยชน์ในปทุมมา / Chaiartid InkhamChaiartid Inkham
28-Jan-2022Physiological and Oxidative Responses of Japanese Mint Grown Under Limited Water and Nitrogen Supplies in an Evaporated Greenhouse SystemSarana Rose Sommano; Naruemon Kanthawang; Chananchida Janpen; Pasin Norkum ai; Malaiporn Wongkaew; Chaiartid Inkham; Hien Van Doan; Ratchadawan Cheewangkoon
1-Jan-2019Physiological responses of hydroponically-grown Japanese mint under nutrient deficiencyChananchida Janpen; Naruemon Kanthawang; Chaiartid Inkham; Fui Ying Tsan; Sarana Rose Sommano
10-May-2021Physiological responses of sun choke's seedlings under different wavelength LED lightingThitima Seedapalee; Chaiartid Inkham; Soraya Ruamrungsri; Sanun Jogloy; Panupon Hongpakdee
1-Jun-2019Storage and growth temperatures affect growth, flower quality, and bulb quality of HippeastrumChaiartid Inkham; Prae Piriyapongpitak; Soraya Ruamrungsri