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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2014Ammonium tolerance and toxicity of Actinoscirpus grossus - A candidate species for use in tropical constructed wetland systemsNarumol Piwpuan; Arunothai Jampeetong; Hans Brix
1-Jan-2016Earthy-musty odour and off-flavour taints in Phayao Lake, ThailandSupannee Suwanpakdee; Redel Gutierrez; Santiwat Pithakpol; Arunothai Jampeetong; Wasu Pathom-Aree; Nakao Nomura; Tomoaki Itayama; Niwooti Whangchai
2016Earthy-musty Odour and Off-flavour Taints in Phayao Lake, ThailandSupannee Suwanpakdee; Redel Gutierrez; Santiwat Pithakpol; Arunothai Jampeetong; Wasu Pathom-aree; Nakao Nomura; Tomoaki Itayama; Niwooti Whangchai
1-Oct-2021Effects of Dissolved O2 and Fe Availability on Growth, Morphology, Aerenchyma Formation and Radial Oxygen Loss of Canna indica L. and Heliconia psittacorum L.f.Tanapong Suriyakaew; Arunothai Jampeetong
1-Oct-2009Effects of NaCl salinity on growth, morphology, photosynthesis and proline accumulation of Salvinia natansArunothai Jampeetong; Hans Brix
1-May-2009Effects of NH<inf>4</inf><sup>+</sup>concentration on growth, morphology and NH<inf>4</inf><sup>+</sup>uptake kinetics of Salvinia natansArunothai Jampeetong; Hans Brix
1-Jan-2016The effects of nitrogen as NO<inf>3</inf><sup>-</sup>and NH<inf>4</inf><sup>+</sup>on the growth and symbiont (Anabaena azollae) of Azolla pinnata R. BrownArunothai Jampeetong; Thunyachol Sripakdee; Tanaporn Khamphaya; Sutthathorn Chairuangsri
1-Jan-2022Effects of substrate types on nitrogen removal efficacy and growth of Canna indica L.Arunothai Jampeetong; Pakawat Janyasupab
1-Oct-2021Effects of Supplemental Cations on Growth and Nitrogen Accumulation in Canna indica L.Manutsawan Manokieng; Arunothai Jampeetong
3-Feb-2014Ethnobotanical study of medicinal plants used by Tai Yai in Northern ThailandSunee Khuankaew; Kamonnate Srithi; Pimonrat Tiansawat; Arunothai Jampeetong; Angkhana Inta; Prasit Wangpakapattanawong
1-May-2020Growth and photosynthetic acclimation to temperature in hybrid napier grass (Pennisetum purpureum × P. americanum cv. Pakchong 1) and giant reed (Arundo donax)Arunothai Jampeetong; Wen Yong Guo; Hans Brix
15-Jan-2020Growth performance of tropical wetland species (Cyperus involucratus Rottb. and Thalia geniculata L.) in anaerobic digester effluent and their water treatment efficiencyTararag Pincam; Hans Brix; Arunothai Jampeetong
1-Nov-2011Growth, morphology, ammonium uptake and nutrient allocation of Myriophyllum brasiliense Cambess. under high NH<inf>4</inf><sup>+</sup>concentrationsPiyanart Saunkaew; Prasit Wangpakapattanawong; Arunothai Jampeetong
1-Feb-2017Hybrid Napier grass as a candidate species for bio-energy in plant-based water treatment systems: Interactive effects of nitrogen and water depthTararag Pincam; Hans Brix; Franziska Eller; Arunothai Jampeetong
1-Sep-2010The interactive effects of inorganic carbon and light on a tropical submerged macrophyte: Egeria densa planchon (hydrocharitaceae)Arunothai Jampeetong
1-Aug-2020Interactive effects of N form and P concentration on growth and tissue composition of hybrid napier grass (Pennisetum purpureum × pennisetum americanum)Chonthicha Pakwan; Arunothai Jampeetong; Hans Brix
1-Jun-2016Interactive effects of NH<inf>4</inf><sup>+</sup>concentration and O<inf>2</inf>availability on growth, morphology, and mineral allocation of hybrid Napier grass (Pennisetum purpureum × P. americanum cv. Pakchong1)Arunothai Jampeetong; Janjira Muenrew
1-Nov-2013Interactive effects of nitrogen form and pH on growth, morphology, N uptake and mineral contents of Coix lacryma-jobi L.Arunothai Jampeetong; Dennis Konnerup; Narumol Piwpuan; Hans Brix
10-Jan-2014Karen and Lawa medicinal plant use: Uniformity or ethnic divergence?Auemporn Junsongduang; Henrik Balslev; Angkhana Inta; Arunothai Jampeetong; Prasit Wangpakapattanawong
1-Jun-2021Koponobryum papillosum Printarakul &amp; Chantanaorr., sp. nov. (Pottiaceae, Bryophyta), a New Moss Species from Northern ThailandNarin Printarakul; Arunothai Jampeetong; Udon Pongkawong; Phiangphak Sukkharak; Ekaphan Kraichak; Kanonrat Adulkittichai; Sahut Chantanaorrapint