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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2022Antioxidant activities of plant extracts and essential oil-cyclodextrin complexes and their effect on lipid accumulation in porcine adipocytes in vitroRakkiat Norkeaw; Chaiwat Arjin; Apinya Sartsook; Niraporn Chaiwang; Supamit Mekchay; Sarana Rose Sommano; Warintorn Ruksiriwanich; Korawan Sringarm
1-Nov-2021Effects of dietary perilla cake supplementation in growing pig on productive performance, meat quality, and fatty acid profilesChaiwat Arjin; Chanmany Souphannavong; Rakkiat Norkeaw; Niraporn Chaiwang; Supamit Mekchay; Apinya Sartsook; Maninphan Thongkham; Thanchanok Yosen; Warintorn Ruksiriwanich; Sarana Rose Sommano; Korawan Sringarm
2021Efficiency of Fresh and Fermented Banana Stem in Low Protein Diet on Nutrient Digestibility, Productive Performance and Intestinal Morphology of Crossbred Pig ((Thai native x Meishan) x Duroc)Chaiwat Arjin; Chanmany Souphannavong; Apinya Sartsook; Mintra Seel-audom; Supamit Mekchay; Korawan Sringarm
1-Jan-2020Efficiency of fresh and fermented banana stems in low protein diet on nutrient digestibility, productive performance and intestinal morphology of crossbred pig ((thai native x meishan) x duroc)Chaiwat Arjin; Chanmany Souphannavong; Apinya Sartsook; Mintra Seel-Audom; Supamit Mekchay; Korawan Sringarm
1-Jan-2021Nutritional values and nutrient digestibility of ground perilla cake (Perilla frutescens) in growing pig dietsChanmany Souphannavong; Chaiwat Arjin; Apinya Sartsook; Thanchanok Yosen; Marninphan Thongkham; Mintra Seel-Audom; Supamit Mekchay; Korawan Sringarm