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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-Sep-2021Development of hair serum from local coffee by-productWassanai Wattanutchariya; Phisit Seesuriyachan; Bussaba Arree; Araya Raiwa; Kochakon Moonsub; Jaturapit Phongsupa
14-Aug-2018Development of natural acne patch from local materials using quality function deployment techniqueNattawadee Kapao; Wassanai Wattanutchariya
28-Oct-2019Development of Natural Facial Mask for Skincare from Local MaterialsChannarong Siri; Wassanai Wattanutchariya
14-Aug-2018Effect of forming condition on compressive strength of hydroxyapatite-bioactive glass compact rodWassanai Wattanutchariya; Teerawat Sangkas
1-Jan-2016Effect of hydroxyapatite:fibroin ratio on hydroxyapatite/fibroin/chitosan porous scaffold characteristicsWassanai Wattanutchariya; Anirut Chaijaruwanich; Tarin Sukhachiradet
1-Jan-2016Effect of sintering temperature on hydroxyapatite compact scaffold characteristicsWassanai Wattanutchariya; Anirut Chaijaruwanich; Jidapah Ruennareenard
1-Jan-2016Effects of hydroxyapatite/silk fibroin/chitosan ratio on physical properties of scaffold for tissue engineering applicationWassanai Wattanutchariya; Atitaya Oonjai; Kittiya Thunsiri
1-Jan-2020Efficiency improvement of gelatin-based wound dressings by silk fibroin and chitosanWassanai Wattanutchariya; Kittiya Thunsiri; Suwichchaya Puntawang
15-Sep-2021Holistic management approach to local coffee entrepreneur in northern ThailandBussaba Arre; Phisit Seesuriyachan; Wassanai Wattanutchariya
1-Jan-2008Implementation of quality function deployment for healthy rice crackers developmentNarichaya Satafang; Wassanai Wattanutchariya
1-Sep-2019Mechanism and optimization of non-thermal plasma-activated water for bacterial inactivation by underwater plasma jet and delivery of reactive species underwater by cylindrical DBD plasmaTanitta Royintarat; Phisit Seesuriyachan; Dheerawan Boonyawan; Eun Ha Choi; Wassanai Wattanutchariya
1-Apr-2020The possibility of interlocking nail fabrication from FFF 3D printing PLA/PCL/HA composites coated by local silk fibroin for canine bone fracture treatmentSiwasit Pitjamit; Kittiya Thunsiri; Wasawat Nakkiew; Tunchanok Wongwichai; Peraphan Pothacharoen; Wassanai Wattanutchariya
1-Jan-2016PrefaceWassanai Wattanutchariya
9-Jan-2014Preparation and characterization of fibroin/chitosan/hydroxyapatite porous scaffoldTarin Sukhachiradet; Wassanai Wattanutchariya
1-Jan-2014Processed parboiled-rice product development using HoQ techniqueChompoonoot Kasemset; Nopparat Kumpong; Wassanai Wattanutchariya
1-Jan-2016Supply chain management of thai parboiled rice for exportWassanai Wattanutchariya; Roengchai Tansuchat; Jidapah Ruennareenard
1-Feb-2019Ultrasound-assisted plasma-activated water for bacterial inactivation in poultry industryTanitta Royintarat; Eun Ha Choi; Phisit Seesuriyachan; Wassanai Wattanutchariya
6-Apr-2018Value stream analysis of Riceberry rice's supply chain in ThailandWassanai Wattanutchariya; Thammasak Kuaites
1-Jan-2019A zein coacervate biomaterial and its time-dependant behaviourTimothy Quek; Wassanai Wattanutchariya