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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Aug-2006Acetylene plasma deposition on gamma-TiAl alloysS. Narksitipan; T. Thongtem; M. MacNallan; S. Thongtem
1-Apr-2019Characterization and photocatalytic properties of CdS nanowires synthesized by reflux-assisted solvothermal methodA. Phuruangrat; B. Kuntalue; T. Thongtem; S. Thongtem
1-Mar-2021Characterization of Black-Light-Driven CeVO<inf>4</inf> Photocatalysts Synthesized by Sol-Gel Method Using Citric Acid as Complexing Agent with Subsequent High Temperature CalcinationA. Phuruangrat; B. Kuntalue; S. Thongtem; T. Thongtem
1-Dec-2006Characterization of Li1-xNi1+xO2 prepared by using tartaric acid as a complexing agentT. Thongtem; S. Thongtem
1-Oct-2010Characterization of multipod cadmium sulfide nanostructures synthesized by aminethermal methodA. Phuruangrat; T. Thongtem; S. Thongtem
27-Apr-2009Characterization of nanocrystalline LiNi1-xCoxVO4 prepared by the polymerized complex methodT. Thongtem; A. Phuruangrat; S. Thongtem
1-Jan-2020Characterization of UV-light-driven AG/BIOCL nanoplates synthesized by sonochemical deposition methodA. Phuruangrat; P. Dumrongrojthanath; B. Kuntalue; S. Thongtem; T. Thongtem
1-Jan-2021Combustion synthesis and characterization of visible-light-driven Tm-doped ZnO nanoparticles used for photodegradation of methylene blueN. Karnchana; A. Phuruangrat; S. Thongtem; T. Thongtem
1-Jan-2015Crystal growth of AgSbS<inf>2</inf>(Miargyrite) nanostructure by cyclic microwave radiationJ. Kavinchan; S. Thongtem; E. Saksornchai; T. Thongtem
1-Mar-2011Direct energy gap of Sb2Te3 synthesised by solid-state microwave plasmaT. Suriwong; T. Thongtem; S. Thongtem
1-Jan-2017Effect of medium solvents on crystalline degree and specific surface area of Cu<inf>3</inf>BiS<inf>3</inf>nanoparticles synthesised by biomolecule-assisted hydrothermal and solvothermal methodsK. Aup-Ngoen; P. Dumrongrojthanath; T. Thongtem; S. Thongtem
1-Jan-2020Effect of ph on photocatalytic activities of biobr nanomaterials synthesized by sonochemical methodP. Patiphatpanya; P. Intaphong; A. Phuruangrat; B. Kuntalue; P. Dumrongrojthanath; T. Thongtem; S. Thongtem
1-Jan-2015Hydrothermal-assisted synthesis and photoluminescence of ZnO microrodsN. Ekthammathat; A. Phuruangrat; S. Thongtem; T. Thongtem
1-Apr-2018Microwave-assisted solvothermal synthesis of cubic ferrite (MFe<inf>2</inf>O<inf>4</inf>, M = Mn, Zn, Cu and Ni) nanocrystals and their magnetic propertiesA. Phuruangrat; B. Kuntalue; P. Dumrongrojthanath; T. Thongtem; S. Thongtem
1-Jan-2021Microwave-assisted synthesis and characterization of ag/biobr nanocomposites and photodegradation of methylene blueP. Intaphong; A. Phuruangrat; K. Lertwittayanon; K. Akhbari; S. Thongtem; T. Thongtem
1-Jul-2018Photocatalytic activity of rugby-like Nd-doped ZnO particles activated by ultravioletA. Phuruangrat; T. Thongtem; S. Satchawan; S. Thongtem
1-Apr-2020Photodeposition synthesis and characterization of ag/zno nanocomposites for photodegradation of methylene blue and methyl orangeS. Buapoon; A. Phuruangrat; T. Thongtem; S. Thongtem
1-Jan-2021Preparation and characterization of visible-light-driven ce-doped cds nanowires for photodegradation of rhodamine bA. Phuruangrat; T. Sakhon; T. Thongtem; S. Thongtem
1-Jan-2015Preparation of neodymium hydroxide nanorods and neodymium oxide nanorods by a hydrothermal methodN. Ekthammathat; A. Phuruangrat; B. Kuntalue; S. Thongtem; T. Thongtem
1-Aug-2019Refuxing synthesis and characterization of zns nanoparticles and their photocatalytic propertiesA. Phuruangrat; K. Karthik; K. Kuntalue; P. Dumrongrojthanath; S. Thongtem; T. Thongtem