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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2016Seemingly unrelated regression based copula: An application on thai rice marketPathairat Pastpipatkul; Paravee Maneejuk; Aree Wiboonpongse; Songsak Sriboonchitta
1-Feb-2020A simultaneous stochastic frontier model with dependent error components and dependent composite errors: An application to chinese banking industryJianxu Liu; Mengjiao Wang; Ji Ma; Sanzidur Rahman; Songsak Sriboonchitta
1-Jan-2019Skew constacyclic codes over finite commutative semi-simple ringsHai Q. Dinh; Bac Trong Nguyen; Songsak Sriboonchitta
1-Jan-2016Skew Constacyclic Codes over Finite Fields and Finite Chain RingsHai Q. Dinh; Bac T. Nguyen; Songsak Sriboonchitta
1-Jul-2020Sources of total‐factor productivity and efficiency changes in China’s agricultureJianxu Liu; Changrui Dong; Shutong Liu; Sanzidur Rahman; Songsak Sriboonchitta
1-Jan-2015Spillovers of quantitative easing on financial markets of Thailand, Indonesia, and the PhilippinesPathairat Pastpipatkul; Woraphon Yamaka; Aree Wiboonpongse; Songsak Sriboonchitta
6-Mar-2015A statistical basis for fuzzy engineering economicsHung T. Nguyen; Songsak Sriboonchitta; Berlin Wu
1-Sep-2017A stochastic dominance based approach to consumer-oriented Kansei evaluation with multiple prioritiesHong Bin Yan; Tieju Ma; Songsak Sriboonchitta; Van Nam Huynh
1-Jan-2014A study on whether economic development and urbanization of areas are associated with prevalence of obesity in Chinese adults: Findings from 2009 China health and nutrition surveysJing Dai; Songsak Sriboonchitta; Cheng Zi; Yunjuan Yang
1-Jan-2014Studying volatility and dependency of chinese outbound tourism demand in Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand: A vine copula approachJianxu Liu; Songsak Sriboonchitta; Hung T. Nguyen; Vladik Kreinovich
1-Jan-2018Technical efficiency analysis of China’s agricultural industry: A stochastic frontier model with panel dataJi Ma; Jianxu Liu; Songsak Sriboonchitta
26-Jul-2018Technical efficiency analysis of major agriculture production provinces in China: A stochastic frontier model with entropyXi Ai; Jianxu Liu; Jirakom Sirisrisakulchai; Songsak Sriboonchitta
14-Oct-2019Technical efficiency of rice production in Thailand: Copula-based stochastic frontier modelChonrada Nunti; Petchaluck Boonyakunakorn; Songsak Sriboonchitta
1-Feb-2017Testing the validity of economic growth theories using copula-based seemingly unrelated quantile kink regressionPathairat Pastpipatkul; Paravee Maneejuk; Songsak Sriboonchitta
1-Jan-2018Thai Export Efficiency in AFTA: Copula-Based Gravity Stochastic Frontier Model with Autocorrelated InefficiencyPetchaluck Boonyakunakorn; Pathairat Pastpipatkul; Songsak Sriboonchitta
1-Jan-2018Thailand in the era of digital economy: How does digital technology promote economic growth?Noppasit Chakpitak; Paravee Maneejuk; Somsak Chanaim; Songsak Sriboonchitta
1-Jan-2016Thailand’s export and ASEAN economic integration: A gravity model with state space approachPathairat Pastpipatkul; Petchaluck Boonyakunakorn; Songsak Sriboonchitta
1-Jan-2017Threshold regression for modeling symbolic interval dataPanisara Phochanachan; Pathairat Pastpipatkul; Woraphon Yamaka; Songsak Sriboonchitta
1-Jan-2016Time series forecast using AR-belief approachNantiworn Thianpaen; Jianxu Liu; Songsak Sriboonchitta
1-Jan-2018Time-varying beta estimation in CAPM under the regime-switching ModelRoengchai Tansuchat; Sukrit Thongkairat; Woraphon Yamaka; Songsak Sriboonchitta