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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2018Delivery of Superparamagnetic Polymeric Micelles Loaded With Quercetin to Hepatocellular Carcinoma CellsKorawith Srisa-nga; Samlee Mankhetkorn; Siriporn Okonogi; Ruttiros Khonkarn
1-Aug-2018Development and characterization of clove oil nanoemulsions and self-microemulsifying drug delivery systemsKantaporn Kheawfu; Surachai Pikulkaew; Thomas Rades; Anette Müllertz; Siriporn Okonogi
1-Dec-2016Development and Characterization of FLT3-Specific Curcumin-Loaded Polymeric Micelles as a Drug Delivery System for Treating FLT3-Overexpressing Leukemic CellsSingkome Tima; Siriporn Okonogi; Chadarat Ampasavate; Chad Pickens; Cory Berkland; Songyot Anuchapreeda
1-Jan-2011Development of microemulsion of a potent antityrosinase essential oil of an edible plantKiattisak Saeio; Songwut Yotsawimonwat; Songyot Anuchapreeda; Siriporn Okonogi
1-Dec-2014Development of mucoadhesive buccal films from rice for pharmaceutical delivery systemsSiriporn Okonogi; Sakornrat Khongkhunthian; Sanchai Jaturasitha
Dec-2015Development of Novel Polymeric Micelles as Drug Delivery Systems for CurcuminSiriporn Okonogi; Wim E. Hennink; Songyot Anuchapreeda; Ornchuma Naksuriya
31-Mar-2009Development of tablets containing probiotics: Effects of formulation and processing parameters on bacterial viabilitySrikanjana Klayraung; Helmut Viernstein; Siriporn Okonogi
2-Jun-2006Dissolution improvement of high drug-loaded solid dispersionSiriporn Okonogi; Satit Puttipipatkhachorn
18-May-2016Down-regulatory mechanism of mammea E/BB from Mammea siamensis seed extract on Wilms' Tumor 1 expression in K562 cellsMethee Rungrojsakul; Trinnakorn Katekunlaphan; Aroonchai Saiai; Chadarat Ampasavate; Siriporn Okonogi; Colleen A. Sweeney; Songyot Anuchapreeda
1-Dec-2016Effect of aromatic substitution of curcumin nanoformulations on their stabilitySiriporn Okonogi; Ornchuma Naksuriya; Suporn Charumanee; Jakkapan Sirithunyalug
1-Dec-2016Effect of cyclodextrin types and co-solvent on solubility of a poorly water soluble drugSuporn Charumanee; Siriporn Okonogi; Jakkapan Sirithunyalug; Peter Wolschann; Helmut Viernstein
1-Jan-2018Effect of rice variety and reaction parameters on synthesis and antibacterial activity of silver nanoparticlesTemsiri Suwan; Sakornrat Khongkhunthian; Jakkapan Sirithunyalug; Siriporn Okonogi
1-Jul-2010Effects of medium and high discomfort periods during dry environment on either pathogens causing subclinical mastitis or antimicrobial resistance of environmental Streptococci and coagulase-negative StaphylococciWasana Chaisri; Siriporn Okonogi; Khwanchai Kreausukon; Tanu Pinyopummintr; Witaya Suriyasathaporn
1-Jan-2018Effects of Piper betle fractionated extracts on inhibition of Streptococcus mutans and Streptococcus intermediusPimpak Phumat; Sakornrat Khongkhunthian; Phenphichar Wanachantararak; Siriporn Okonogi
2-Jan-2017Encapsulation of Sesbania grandiflora extract in polymeric micelles to enhance its solubility, stability, and antibacterial activityPimporn Anantaworasakul; Siriporn Okonogi
1-Jun-2011Enhanced gentamicin loading and release of PLGA and PLHMGA microspheres by varying the formulation parametersWasana Chaisri; Amir H. Ghassemi; Wim E. Hennink; Siriporn Okonogi
1-May-2018Enhanced UV protection of ketoconazole using Hyptis suaveolens micro emulsionRuttiros Khonkarn; Ornanong S. Kittipongpatana; Vilai Boasouna; Siriporn Okonogi
1-Jan-2019Enhancement of acaricide activity of citronella oil after microemulsion preparationWasana Chaisri; Wantida Chaiyana; Surachai Pikulkaew; Siriporn Okonogi; Witaya Suriyasathaporn
29-Jul-2011Erratum: Characterization of potent anticholinesterase plant oil based microemulsion (International Journal of Pharmaceutics (2010) 401 (32-40))Wantida Chaiyana; Kiattisak Saeio; Wim E. Hennink; Siriporn Okonogi
15-Jan-2017Eulophia macrobulbon – an orchid with significant anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effect and anticancerogenic potential exerted by its root extractRoswitha Schuster; Laura Zeindl; Wolfgang Holzer; Nattakanwadee Khumpirapang; Siriporn Okonogi; Helmut Viernstein; Monika Mueller