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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Sep-2013'Fabrication of carboxylated conducting polymer/CNTs composites thin films for immunosensor applicationP. Netsuwan; S. Sriwichai; S. Phanichphant; A. Baba; K. Shinbo; K. Kato; F. Kaneko
1-Oct-2008Fabrication of various thickness of flame-made nano zinc oxide thick film and its response to ethanolC. Liewhiran; S. Phanichphant
1-Aug-2020Flame-spray-made PtO<inf>x</inf>-functionalized Zn<inf>2</inf>SnO<inf>4</inf> spinel nanostructures for conductometric H<inf>2</inf> detectionD. Kaewsiri; K. Inyawilert; A. Wisitsoraat; A. Tuantranont; S. Phanichphant; C. Liewhiran
25-Sep-2016Flame-spray-made Zn-In-O alloyed nanoparticles for NO<inf>2</inf>gas sensingT. Samerjai; D. Channei; C. Khanta; K. Inyawilert; C. Liewhiran; A. Wisitsoraat; D. Phokharatkul; S. Phanichphant
15-Apr-2020Formaldehyde sensor based on FSP-made AgO<inf>x</inf>-doped SnO<inf>2</inf> nanoparticulate sensing filmsK. Khamfoo; K. Inyawilert; A. Wisitsoraat; A. Tuantranont; S. Phanichphant; C. Liewhiran
18-Jul-2012H 2 sensor based on Au/TiO 2 nanoparticles synthesized by flame spray pyrolysisW. Chomkitichai; N. Tamaekong; C. Liewhiran; A. Wisitsoraat; S. Sriwichai; S. Phanichphant
1-Jan-2014H<inf>2</inf>S sensor based on SnO<inf>2</inf>nanostructured film prepared by high current heatingW. Nakla; A. Wisitsora-At; A. Tuantranont; P. Singjai; S. Phanichphant; C. Liewhiran
1-Dec-2020High performance hydrogen gas sensors based on PdO-decorated p-type CoV<inf>2</inf>O<inf>6</inf> nanoparticlesM. Moschogiannaki; L. Zouridi; J. Sukunta; S. Phanichphant; E. Gagaoudakis; C. Liewhiran; G. Kiriakidis; V. Binas
15-Jul-2019Highly selective and sensitive CH<inf>4</inf> gas sensors based on flame-spray-made Cr-doped SnO<inf>2</inf> particulate filmsK. Bunpang; A. Wisitsoraat; A. Tuantranont; S. Singkammo; S. Phanichphant; C. Liewhiran
1-Mar-2012Highly selective environmental sensors based on flame-spray-made SnO<inf>2</inf>nanoparticlesC. Liewhiran; N. Tamaekong; A. Wisitsoraat; S. Phanichphant
1-Jun-2018Highly sensitive acetone sensors based on flame-spray-made La<inf>2</inf>O<inf>3</inf>-doped SnO<inf>2</inf>nanoparticulate thick filmsN. Tammanoon; A. Wisitsoraat; D. Phokharatkul; A. Tuantranont; S. Phanichphant; V. Yordsri; C. Liewhiran
1-Jan-2018Highly sensitive and selective detection of ethanol vapor using flame-spray-made CeO<inf>x</inf>-doped SnO<inf>2</inf>nanoparticulate thick filmsN. Kotchasak; A. Wisitsoraat; A. Tuantranont; S. Phanichphant; V. Yordsri; C. Liewhiran
1-Jan-2017Highly sensitive and selective NO<inf>2</inf>sensor based on Au-impregnated WO<inf>3</inf>nanorodsS. Kabcum; N. Kotchasak; D. Channei; A. Tuantranont; A. Wisitsoraat; S. Phanichphant; C. Liewhiran
1-Jan-2017Highly-sensitive H<inf>2</inf>S sensors based on flame-made V-substituted SnO<inf>2</inf>sensing filmsJ. Sukunta; A. Wisitsoraat; A. Tuantranont; S. Phanichphant; C. Liewhiran
16-Jan-2012Hydrothermal synthesis and characterisation of tin doped ZnO polyscale crystals with hexylamine additiveT. Parvin; K. Byrappa; S. Phanichphant; J. Gomez Morales; I. Ahmed Ibrahim; R. Somashekar; S. Ananda
1-Dec-2008Hydrothermal synthesis of zinc oxide (ZnO) microparticleP. Pookmanee; S. Khuanphet; S. Phanichphant
1-Feb-2008Influence of glass basicity on redox interactions of iron-manganese-copper ion pairs in soda-lime-silica glassW. Thiemsorn; K. Keowkamnerd; S. Phanichphant; P. Suwannathada; H. Hessenkemper
16-Dec-2013Kinetics study of photocatalytic activity of flame-made unloaded and Fe-loaded CeO<inf>2</inf>nanoparticlesD. Channei; B. Inceesungvorn; N. Wetchakun; S. Phanichphant
1-Jan-2013Microwave-assisted synthesis bismuth vanadate (BiVO<inf>4</inf>) powderP. Pookmanee; P. Longchin; W. Kangwansupamonkon; R. Puntharod; S. Phanichphant
1-Apr-2013Photocatalytic activity under visible light of Fe-doped CeO<inf>2</inf>nanoparticles synthesized by flame spray pyrolysisD. Channei; B. Inceesungvorn; N. Wetchakun; S. Phanichphant; A. Nakaruk; P. Koshy; C. C. Sorrell