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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018The Catalytic Investigation of Supported Imidazolium-chloroaluminate (AlCl3-lLs) in Friedel-Craft Acylation of AnisoleThiti Junpirom; Praput Thavornyutikarn; Puttinan Meepowpan
1-Jul-2018The catalytic investigation of supported imidazolium-chloroaluminate (AlCl<inf>3</inf>-ILs) in friedel-craft acylation of anisoleThiti Junpirom; Praput Thavornyutikarn; Puttinan Meepowpan
1-Jan-2015Chemical constituents from aerial parts of Polyalthia Evecta (Pierre) Finet &amp; Gagnep. Var. AttopeuensisSirinapa Nantapap; Kallaya Sangrueng; Narong Nuntasaen; Puttinan Meepowpan; Wilart Pompimon
1-Mar-2019Chemical constituents from the twigs of decaneuropsis vagans (asteraceae) and its chemotaxonomic studyAnuruk Chailungka; Puttinan Meepowpan; Aroonchai Saiai
2019Chemical Constituents from the Twigs of Decaneuropsis vagans (Asteraceae) and Its Chemotaxonomic StudyAnuruk Chailungka; Puttinan Meepowpan; Aroonchai Saiai
14-May-2020Commercial Copper-Catalyzed Aerobic Oxidative Synthesis of Quinazolinones from 2-Aminobenzamide and MethanolSutthichat Kerdphon; Patthadon Sanghong; Jaruwan Chatwichien; Vachira Choommongkol; Puracheth Rithchumpon; Thishana Singh; Puttinan Meepowpan
1-Jun-2013Dihydrochalcones with antiinflammatory activity from leaves and twigs of cyathostemma argenteumJariya Somsrisa; Puttinan Meepowpan; Samroeng Krachodnok; Haruthai Thaisuchat; Sittiporn Punyanitya; Narong Nantasaen; Wilart Pompimon
1-Nov-2015DSC Kinetics Analysis for the Synthesis of Three-Arms Poly(ε-caprolactone) Using Aluminum Tri-sec-Butoxide as InitiatorWanich Limwanich; Winita Punyodom; Nawee Kungwan; Puttinan Meepowpan
1-Dec-2010The effect of Phyllanthus taxodiifolius beille extracts and its triterpenoids studying on cellular energetic stage of cancer cellsPatiwat Sakkrom; Wilart Pompimon; Puttinan Meepowpan; Narong Nuntasaen; Chatchanok Loetchutinat
3-Jul-2014Effect of topology of poly(L-lactide-co-ε-caprolactone) scaffolds on the response of cultured human umbilical cord Whartons jelly-derived mesenchymal stem cells and neuroblastoma cell linesBoontharika Thapsukhon; Donraporn Daranarong; Puttinan Meepowpan; Nuttee Suree; Robert Molloy; Kewalin Inthanon; Weerah Wongkham; Winita Punyodom
10-Jan-2015Effect of tributyltin alkoxides chain length on the ring-opening polymerization of ε-caprolactone: Kinetics studies by non-isothermal DSCWanich Limwanich; Sureerat Khunmanee; Nawee Kungwan; Winita Punyodom; Puttinan Meepowpan
1-Jun-2015Effects of alkoxide alteration on the ring-opening polymerization of ε-caprolactone initiated by n-Bu<inf>3</inf>SnOR: A DFT studyChanchai Sattayanon; Watit Sontising; Wanich Limwanich; Puttinan Meepowpan; Winita Punyodom; Nawee Kungwan
15-Dec-2013Effects of copolymer microstructure on the properties of electrospun poly(l -lactide-co-ε-caprolactone) absorbable nerve guide tubesBoontharika Thapsukhon; Napaphat Thadavirul; Pitt Supaphol; Puttinan Meepowpan; Robert Molloy; Winita Punyodom
1-Aug-2017Enhanced crystallization, thermal properties, and hydrolysis resistance of poly(L-lactic acid) and its stereocomplex by incorporation of graphene nanoplateletsSutinee Girdthep; Wenuka Sankong; Asamaporn Pongmalee; Tinnakorn Saelee; Winita Punyodom; Puttinan Meepowpan; Patnarin Worajittiphon
1-Jul-2017Flavones from Aerial Parts of Polyalthia bullata and Cytotoxicity Against Cancer Cell LinesSirinapa Nantapap; Sittiporn Punyanitya; Narong Nuntasaen; Wilart Pompimon; Puttinan Meepowpan
1-Nov-2016GC-MS analysis of phytoconstituents in 12 Ma-dan extracts (Garcinia schomburgkiana)Imron Meechai; Worrapong Phupong; Warangkana Chunglok; Puttinan Meepowpan
1-Mar-2012Genotoxicity and antigenotoxicity of the methanol extract of Cleistocalyx nervosum var. paniala seed using a Salmonella mutation assay and rat liver micronucleus testsWanida Inboot; Sirinya Taya; Anuruk Chailungka; Puttinan Meepowpan; Rawiwan Wongpoomchai
25-Jun-2009In vitro screening for anthelmintic and antitumour activity of ethnomedicinal plants from ThailandKorakot Atjanasuppat; Weerah Wongkham; Puttinan Meepowpan; Prasat Kittakoop; Prasert Sobhon; Ann Bartlett; Phil J. Whitfield
1-Jan-2020Influence of butyl group of tin chloride initiators on the non-isothermal DSC ring-opening polymerization of ε-caprolactone: The studies of kinetics, mechanism and polymer synthesisWanich Limwanich; Puttinan Meepowpan; Nawee Kungwan; Winita Punyodom
1-Jan-2017Influence of molecular weight on the non-isothermal melt crystallization of biodegradable poly(D-Lactide)Wanich Limwanich; Sawarot Phetsuk; Puttinan Meepowpan; Nawee Kungwan; Winita Punyodom