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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Dec-2021Disparities in the change of cervical cancer mortality rate between urban and rural Chiang Mai in the era of universal health care and the Thai national screening programPatumrat Sripan; Imjai Chitapanarux; Ekkasit Tharavichitkul; Pooriwat Muangwong; Donsuk Pongnikorn; Narate Waisri; Chirapong Hanpragopsuk; Puttachart Maneesai; Panrada Tansiri; Malisa Poungsombat; Varunee Khamsan
1-Apr-2018Effect of the national screening program on malignancy status of cervical cancer in Northern ThailandShama Virani; Hutcha Sriplung; Surichai Bilheem; Patumrat Sripan; Puttachart Maneesai; Narate Waisri; Imjai Chitapanarux
1-Dec-2019Impact of universal health care and screening on incidence and survival of Thai women with cervical cancer: A population-based study of the Chiang Mai ProvincePatumrat Sripan; Imjai Chitapanarux; Miranda M. Fidler-Benaoudia; Adalberto Miranda-Filho; Aude Bardot; Donsuk Pongnikorn; Puttachart Maneesai; Narate Waisri; Chirapong Hanpragopsuk; Ekkasit Tharavichitkul; Isabelle Soerjomataram
1-Dec-2022Integration of breast cancer care in a middle-income country: learning from Suandok Breast Cancer Network (SBCN)Imjai Chitapanarux; Wimrak Onchan; Panchaporn Wongmaneerung; Areewan Somwangprasert; Nongnuch Bunyoo; Chagkrit Ditsatham; Kirati Watcharachan; Chaiyut Charoentum; Patumrat Sripan; Ausreeya Chumachote; Puttachart Maneesai
1-May-2017Trends in female breast cancer by age group in the Chiang Mai populationPatumrat Sripan; Hutcha Sriplung; Donsuk Pongnikorn; Shama Virani; Surichai Bilheem; Udomlak Chaisaengkhaum; Puttachart Maneesai; Narate Waisri; Chirapong Hanpragopsuk; Panrada Tansiri; Varunee Khamsan; Malisa Poungsombat; Aumnart Mawoot; Imjai Chitapanarux