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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jun-2009Effect of Bi2O3 content on optical and radiation shielding properties of (Na2O, K2O)-SiO2-CaO-Al2O3-B2O3 glass systemP. Dararutana; J. Duchaneephet; S. Pongkrapan; N. Sirikulrat; P. Wathanakul
1-Sep-2009Effect of Bi<inf>2</inf>O<inf>3</inf> content on properties of (Na <inf>2</inf>O, K<inf>2</inf>O)-SiO<inf>2</inf>-CaO-Al<inf>2</inf>O <inf>3</inf>-B<inf>2</inf>O<inf>3</inf> glass systemP. Dararutana; J. Dutchaneephet; S. Pongkrapan; N. Sirikulrat; P. Wathanakul
1-Jan-2008Effects of gold nanoparticles on the fabrication of red colored high refractive index lead glassP. Dararutana; J. Dutchaneephet; P. Chetanachan; P. Wathanakul; N. Sirikulrat
1-Jan-2008Lead-free high refractive index glasses produced from local raw materialsP. Dararutana; P. Chetanachan; J. Dutchaneephet; N. Sirikulrat
1-Aug-2013Nuclear analytical methods on ancient Thai riceK. Won-In; T. Sako; C. Thongleurm; S. Intarasiri; U. Tippawan; T. Kamwanna; W. Pattanasiriwisana; S. Tancharakorn; N. Kamonsutthipaijit; P. Dararutana
1-Jan-2011Optical, dielectric and X-ray absorption properties of soda-based glass fabricated from Thai quartz sands doped with iron oxideS. Pongkrapan; S. Yamban; K. Won-in; P. Dararutana; N. Sirikulrat
1-Aug-2009Raman spectroscopic investigation on high refractive index glasses prepared from local quartz sandP. Dararutana; S. Pongkrapan; N. Sirikulrat; M. Thawornmongkolkij; P. Wathanakul
1-Dec-2011Raman spectroscopic study on archaeological glasses in Thailand: Ancient Thai GlassK. Won-In; Y. Thongkam; S. Pongkrapan; S. Intarasiri; C. Thongleurm; T. Kamwanna; T. Leelawathanasuk; P. Dararutana
1-Oct-2007Selenium ruby lead-free high refractive index glass prepared from local sandP. Dararutana; N. Sirikulrat