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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
3-Jul-2014Effect of topology of poly(L-lactide-co-ε-caprolactone) scaffolds on the response of cultured human umbilical cord Whartons jelly-derived mesenchymal stem cells and neuroblastoma cell linesBoontharika Thapsukhon; Donraporn Daranarong; Puttinan Meepowpan; Nuttee Suree; Robert Molloy; Kewalin Inthanon; Weerah Wongkham; Winita Punyodom
1-Jan-2019Effective prediction model and determination of binding residues influential for inhibitors targeting HIV-1 integrase-LEDGF/p75 interface by employing solvent accessible surface area energy as key determinantPatcharapong Thangsunan; Sakunna Wongsaipun; Sila Kittiwachana; Nuttee Suree
3-May-2017Electrochemical Detection of Human Interleukin-15 using a Graphene Oxide-Modified Screen-Printed Carbon ElectrodePoachanee Norfun; Nuttee Suree; Nawee Kungwan; Winita Punyodom; Jaroon Jakmunee; Kontad Ounnunkad
1-Feb-2016Identification of bioactive peptide from Oreochromis niloticus skin gelatinSadabpong Choonpicharn; Suriya Tateing; Sanchai Jaturasitha; Nuansri Rakariyatham; Nuttee Suree; Hataichanoke Niamsup
1-Jul-2012A novel HIV-1 reporter virus with a membrane-bound Gaussia princeps luciferaseNuttee Suree; Naoya Koizumi; Anna Sahakyan; Saki Shimizu; Dong Sung An
1-Jun-2016Rapid activity prediction of HIV-1 integrase inhibitors: harnessing docking energetic components for empirical scoring by chemometric and artificial neural network approachesPatcharapong Thangsunan; Sila Kittiwachana; Puttinan Meepowpan; Nawee Kungwan; Panchika Prangkio; Supa Hannongbua; Nuttee Suree
1-Jul-2019Sperm can act as vectors for HIV-1 transmission into vaginal and cervical epithelial cellsCharlene D. Young; Suriya Tatieng; Kessiri Kongmanas; Duriya Fongmoon; Brett Lomenick; Alexander J. Yoon; Wongsakorn Kiattiburut; Federica Compostella; Kym F. Faull; Nuttee Suree; Jonathan B. Angel; Nongnuj Tanphaichitr
1-Jan-2018Structural basis of protein kinase C and the interactions with modulatorsNuttee Suree; Patcharapong Thangsunan; Suriya Tateing
2-Jul-2016Structural insights into the interactions of phorbol ester and bryostatin complexed with protein kinase C: a comparative molecular dynamics simulation studyPatcharapong Thangsunan; Suriya Tateing; Supa Hannongbua; Nuttee Suree