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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2016Efficient Synthesis of 4-vinyl guaiacol via bioconversion of ferulic acid by Volvariella volvaceaKeerati Tanruean; Nuansri Rakariyatham
2016Efficient Synthesis of 4-Vinyl Guaiacol via Bioconversion of Ferulic Acid by Volvariella volvaceaKeerati Tanruean; Nuansri Rakariyatham
1-Feb-2016Identification of bioactive peptide from Oreochromis niloticus skin gelatinSadabpong Choonpicharn; Suriya Tateing; Sanchai Jaturasitha; Nuansri Rakariyatham; Nuttee Suree; Hataichanoke Niamsup
1-Mar-2010Identification of major phenolic compounds from Nephelium lappaceum L. and their antioxidant activitiesNont Thitilertdecha; Aphiwat Teerawutgulrag; Jeremy D. Kilburn; Nuansri Rakariyatham
15-Jul-2006Improvement of myrosinase activity of Aspergillus sp. NR4617 by chemical mutagenesisNuansri Rakariyatham; Bordin Butr-Indr; Hataichanoke Niamsup; Lalida Shank
1-Jan-2017Inhibitory effects of phenolic compounds in ocimum sanctum extract on the α-glucosidase activity and the formation of advanced glycation end-productsKhwanta Kaewnarin; Nuansri Rakariyatham
2017Inhibitory Effects of Phenolic Compounds in Ocimum sanctum Extract on the α-glucosidase Activity and the Formation of Advanced Glycation End-productsKhwanta Kaewnarin; Nuansri Rakariyatham
1-Jul-2017Optimization of autoclave and microwave assisted alkaline hydrolysis for release of ferulic acid from biomassPimpilai Fusawat; Nuansri Rakariyatham
2017Optimization of Autoclave and Microwave Assisted Alkaline Hydrolysis for Release of Ferulic Acid from BiomassPimpilai Fusawat; Nuansri Rakariyatham
2016Optimization of Culture Conditions for Maximal Production of 4-vinyl Guaiacol from Ferulic Acid by Volvariella volvaceaKeerati Tanruean; Nuansri Rakariyatham
1-Jan-2016Optimization of pineapple pulp residue hydrolysis for lipid production by Rhodotorula glutinis TISTR5159 using as biodiesel feedstockJidapha Tinoi; Nuansri Rakariyatham
10-Jun-2011Phenolic content and free radical scavenging activities in rambutan during fruit maturationNont Thitilertdecha; Nuansri Rakariyatham
1-Oct-2016Ptimization of culture conditions for maximal production of 4-vinyl guaiacol from ferulic acid by Volvariella volvaceaKeerati Tanruean; Nuansri Rakariyatham
1-Apr-2020Sapindaceae (Dimocarpus longan and Nephelium lappaceum) seed and peel by-products: Potential sources for phenolic compounds and use as functional ingredients in food and health applicationsKanyasiri Rakariyatham; Dayong Zhou; Nuansri Rakariyatham; Fereidoon Shahidi
1-Jan-2005Screening of antioxidant activity and antioxidant compounds of some edible plants of ThailandAnchana Chanwitheesuk; Aphiwat Teerawutgulrag; Nuansri Rakariyatham
1-Jan-2005Screening of filamentous fungi for production of myrosinaseNuansri Rakariyatham; Bordin Butrindr; Hataichanoke Niamsup; Lalida Shank
1-May-2010Selection of starter cultures for the production of vegetarian kapi, a thai fermented condimentSuttida Wittanalai; Nopakarn Chandet; Nuansri Rakariyatham
31-Jan-2011Volatile compounds of vegetarian soybean kapi, a fermented Thai food condimentSuttida Wittanalai; Nuansri Rakariyatham; Richard L. Deming