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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2006Characterization of ambient aerosols in Northern Thailand and their probable sourcesN. Tippayawong; P. Pengchai; A. Lee
1-Jun-2014Characterization of slag from combustion of pulverized lignite with high calcium content in utility boilerP. Pintana; N. Tippayawong; A. Nuntaphun; P. Thongchiew
1-Oct-2012Continuous-flow transesterification of crude jatropha oil with microwave irradiationN. Tippayawong; P. Sittisun
1-Jan-2015Converting LPG stoves to use biomethaneS. Suwansri; J. C. Moran; P. Aggarangsi; N. Tippayawong; A. Bunkham; P. Rerkkriangkrai
1-Jan-2019Cost analysis of community scale smokeless charcoal briquette productio from agricultural and forest residuesK. Y. Tippayawong; S. Santiteerakul; S. Ramingwong; N. Tippayawong
1-Jan-2009Development of a laboratory scale air plasma torch and its application to electronic waste treatmentN. Tippayawong; P. Khongkrapan
1-Apr-2010Durability of a small agricultural engine on biogas/diesel dual fuel operationN. Tippayawong; A. Promwungkwa; P. Rerkkriangkrai
1-Jan-2014Effect of ignition timing advance on performance of a small producer gas engineN. Homdoung; N. Tippayawong; N. Dussadee
1-Oct-2009Energy conservation in drying of peeled longan by forced convection and hot air recirculationN. Tippayawong; C. Tantakitti; S. Thavornun; V. Peerawanitkul
1-Jan-2008Energy efficiency improvements in longan drying practiceN. Tippayawong; C. Tantakitti; S. Thavornun
1-Jan-2014Experimental investigation of biogas reforming in gliding Arc plasma reactorsP. Thanompongchart; N. Tippayawong
14-Jun-2018Experimental Investigation of hot Water Generation from Small CaO/Ca(OH)<inf>2</inf>Thermochemical Energy Storage SystemN. Takham; N. Tippayawong
1-Jan-2017Exploring Suitable Utilization of Waste Tires in Chiang MaiS. Senghaphan; N. Tippayawong; S. Ramingwong; K. Y. Tippayawong
1-Mar-2017Fuel Recovery from Thermal Processing of Post-consumer Footwear WasteK. Y. Tippayawong; N. Tippayawong
1-Jan-2011Gasification of cashew nut shells for thermal application in local food processing factoryN. Tippayawong; C. Chaichana; A. Promwangkwa; P. Rerkkriangkrai
14-Jun-2018Hydrochar Generation from Hydrothermal Carbonization of Organic WastesP. Kantakanit; N. Tippayawong; S. Koonaphapdeelert; A. Pattiya
1-Mar-2013Investigation of a small biomass gasifier-engine system operation and its application to water pumping in rural ThailandN. Tippayawong; C. Chaichana; A. Promwungkwa; P. Rerkkriangkrai
1-Sep-2007Long-term operation of a small biogas/diesel dual-fuel engine for on-farm electricity generationN. Tippayawong; A. Promwungkwa; P. Rerkkriangkrai
1-Jan-2015Microwave assisted production of biodiesel from beef tallowN. Tippayawong; R. Singkham
1-Jan-2019Multiscale modeling of PEMFC using co-simulation approachS. Shimpalee; P. Satjaritanun; S. Hirano; N. Tippayawong; J. W. Weidner