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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
25-Nov-2016Air bearing surface recessed steep wall via optical proximity correction mask and fluorine-based plasma etchingC. Pakpum; N. Pussadee
16-Dec-2019Application of free surface synthetic schlieren method in determining surface tension from a light floating objectC. Pathommapas; S. Yapo; E. Seesomboon; N. Pussadee
25-Nov-2016Deep reactive ion etching of alumina titanium carbide using chlorine-based plasmaC. Pakpum; N. Pussadee
1-Aug-2017Development of economic MeV-ion microbeam technology at Chiang Mai UniversityS. Singkarat; N. Puttaraksa; S. Unai; L. D. Yu; K. Singkarat; N. Pussadee; H. J. Whitlow; S. Natyanum; U. Tippawan
16-Dec-2019An effect of finite reservoir size on pressure gradient generation in a pinched injection sample plug generation in cross design electroosmotic microfluidic deviceP. Chimsiri; C. Chaiwong; C. Tongbai; N. Pussadee
15-Oct-2020Elemental mapping of plant leaves by MeV glass capillary microbeam PIXES. Wongke; L. D. Yu; S. Natyanun; S. Unai; S. Sarapirom; N. Pussadee; U. Tippawan
1-Jan-2021Heating up a lantern with a tealight candleP. Wattanakasiwich; P. Kongkhumbod; N. Pussadee
16-Dec-2019Numerical study of radial force and equilibrium position of microscale spherical particle under the effect of inertial focusing in 2D microchannelS. Natyanun; N. Pussadee
20-Oct-2017Preliminary application of tapered glass capillary microbeam in MeV-PIXE mapping of longan leaf for elemental concentration distribution analysisS. Natyanun; S. Unai; L. D. Yu; U. Tippawan; N. Pussadee