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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Oct-2005Case 91Malai Muttarak; Wilfred C.G. Peh
1-Feb-2006Case 91: Tuberculous epididymo-orchitisMalai Muttarak; Wilfred C.G. Peh
1-Mar-2007Clinics in diagnostic imaging (114)S. Thinyu; B. Lojanapiwat; Malai Muttarak
1-Dec-2008Clinics in diagnostic imaging (125)W. Padungchaichote; P. Kongmebhol; Malai Muttarak
1-Jan-2013Clinics in diagnostic imaging (149)Nuttaya Pattamapaspong; Malai Muttarak; Pruit Kitirattrakarn; Neelaya Sukhamwang
1-Sep-2007Cystic echinococcosis in Thailand with a special note on detection by serology in one familyNimit Morakote; Kamthorn Thamprasert; Bannakij Lojanapiwat; Malai Muttarak
22-Jan-2012Diagnostic mammography in breast imagingMalai Muttarak; Chintana Paramagul; Kwan Hoong Ng
1-Sep-2007Digital mammography: Opportunities and limitationsMalai Muttarak
1-Jan-2022Imaging of Urogenital, Adrenal, and Breast TuberculosisThanat Kanthawang; Malai Muttarak; Puwitch Charoenchue
1-Jul-2005Intracystic papillary carcinoma of the breastMalai Muttarak; A. Somwangprasert; B. Chaiwun
1-Oct-2013Malignant breast tumorsDeanna L. Lane; Malai Muttarak; Wei T. Yang
1-Feb-2006Mammographic changes related to different types of hormonal therapies.Saipin Pongsatha; Malai Muttarak; Somsak Chaovisitseree; Suchaya Luewan; Ataporn Panpanit
18-Nov-2011Musculoskeletal melioidosisNuttaya Pattamapaspong; Malai Muttarak
1-Dec-2005Necrotising epididymo-orchitis with scrotal abscessMalai Muttarak; W. Na Chiangmai; P. Kitirattrakarn
27-Jul-2005The painful scrotum: An ultrasonographical approach to diagnosisMalai Muttarak; B. Lojanapiwat
1-Apr-2005Painless scrotal swelling: Ultrasonographical features with pathological correlationMalai Muttarak; B. Chaiwun
1-Dec-2006Phyllodes tumour of the breastMalai Muttarak; P. Lerttumnongtum; A. Somwangjaroen; B. Chaiwun
1-Dec-2007Renal angiomyolipoma with bleedingMalai Muttarak; N. Pattamapaspong; B. Lojanapiwat; B. Chaiwun
5-Aug-2009Role of ultrasonography in diagnosis of scrotal disorders: A review of 110 casesS. Thinyu; Malai Muttarak
1-Sep-2008Spectrum of papillary lesions of the breast: Clinical, imaging, and pathologic correlationMalai Muttarak; Pailin Lerttumnongtum; Benjaporn Chaiwun; Wilfred C.G. Peh