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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2010Ginger extract inhibits human telomerase reverse transcriptase and c-Myc expression in A549 lung cancer cells.Wirote Tuntiwechapikul; Thanachai Taka; Chonnipa Songsomboon; Navakoon Kaewtunjai; Arisa Imsumran; Luksana Makonkawkeyoon; Wilart Pompimon; T. Randall Lee
1-Dec-2006Helicobacter pylori infection in combination with the serum pepsinogen I/ II ratio and interleukin-1β-511 polymorphisms are independent risk factors for gastric cancer in ThaisSirikan Yamada; Takeshi Matsuhisa; Luksana Makonkawkeyoon; Suparp Chaidatch; Shunji Kato; Norio Matsukura
1-Aug-2006The influence of pH on the G-quadruplex binding selectivity of perylene derivativesWirote Tuntiwechapikul; Thanachai Taka; Mathilde Béthencourt; Luksana Makonkawkeyoon; T. Randall Lee
1-Mar-2007Intracellular growth and drug susceptibility of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in macrophagesSakarin Chanwong; Niwat Maneekarn; Luksana Makonkawkeyoon; Sanit Makonkawkeyoon
21-May-2013Predominant mucosal IL-8 mRNA expression in non-cagA Thais is risk for gastric cancerSirikan Yamada; Shunji Kato; Takeshi Matsuhisa; Luksana Makonkawkeyoon; Masaru Yoshida; Thiraphat Chakrabandhu; Nirush Lertprasertsuk; Pawit Suttharat; Bandhuphat Chakrabandhu; Shin Nishiumi; Wilaiwan Chongraksut; Takeshi Azuma
1-Mar-2016Prevalence of α-thalassaemia genotypes in pregnant women in northern ThailandSomphon Pharephan; Pannee Sirivatanapa; Sanit Makonkawkeyoon; Wirote Tuntiwechapikul; Luksana Makonkawkeyoon
4-Dec-2006Production of a mouse hybridoma secreting monoclonal antibody highly specific to hemoglobin Bart's (γ4)Luksana Makonkawkeyoon; Somphon Pharephan; Sanit Makonkowkeyoon