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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2020Scale-related governance challenges in the water–energy–food nexus: toward a diagnostic approachClaudia Pahl-Wostl; Philipp Gorris; Nicolas Jager; Larissa Koch; Louis Lebel; Christian Stein; Sandra Venghaus; Sisira Withanachchi
1-Jan-2013Scenarios as boundary objects in the allocation of water resources and services in the Mekong regionLouis Lebel
1-Oct-2022Shan Migrant Sex Workers Living with HIV Who Remain Active in Sexual Entertainment Venues in Chiang Mai, ThailandAmporn Jirattikorn; Arunrat Tangmunkongvorakul; Arratee Ayuttacorn; Cathy Banwell; Matthew Kelly; Louis Lebel; Kriengkrai Srithanaviboonchai
1-Jan-2006Shooting the rapids: Navigating transitions to adaptive governance of social-ecological systemsPer Olsson; Lance H. Gunderson; Steve R. Carpenter; Paul Ryan; Louis Lebel; Carl Folke; C. S. Holling
19-Sep-2011Socio-Economic and Institutional ApproachesAnne Browning-Aiken; Barbara J. Morehouse; Elena Nikitina; Louis Lebel; Vladimir Kotov; Bach Tan Sinh; André Hernandes; Dragan Dolinaj; Milana Pantelić; Djana Bejko; Brilanda Bushati; Spase Shumka; Udaya Sekhar Nagothu; Eva Skarbøvik; Andrej Perovic; Sotir Mali; Bo Appelgren; Rebecca L. Teasley; Daene C. Mckinney; Eleni Eleftheriadou; Yannis Mylopoulos; Majed Atwi Saab; Julio Sánchez Chóliz
1-Jun-2022Stakeholder Perspectives on COVID-19 and Household Water Access in Vulnerable Communities in the Mekong RegionLouis Lebel; Nilar Aung; Chau Thi Minh Long; Phoummixay Siharath; Phimphakan Lebel; Hap Navy; Chu Thai Hoanh; Boripat Lebel
31-Oct-2011The strategies of policy entrepreneurs in water transitions around the worldDave Huitema; Louis Lebel; Sander Meijerink
1-Jun-2010Sustainability experiments in Asia: Innovations shaping alternative development pathways?Frans Berkhout; Geert Verbong; Anna J. Wieczorek; Rob Raven; Louis Lebel; Xuemei Bai
1-Dec-2010Sustainable production consumption systems: Knowledge, engagement and practiceLouis Lebel; Sylvia Lorek; Rajesh Daniel
1-Jan-2006Tales from the margins: Small fishers in post-tsunami ThailandLouis Lebel; Supaporn Khrutmuang; Jesse Manuta
14-Jun-2018Theory of reasoned action as a framework for communicating climate risk: A case study of schoolchildren in the Mekong Delta in VietnamQuynh Anh Nguyen; Luc Hens; Charlotte MacAlister; Lester Johnson; Boripat Lebel; Sinh Bach Tan; Hung Manh Nguyen; The Ninh Nguyen; Louis Lebel
2-Jan-2016Tilapia diseases and management in river-based cage aquaculture in northern ThailandChanagun Chitmanat; Phimphakan Lebel; Niwooti Whangchai; Jongkon Promya; Louis Lebel
1-Feb-2012Transforming governance and institutions for global sustainability: Key insights from the Earth System Governance ProjectFrank Biermann; Kenneth Abbott; Steinar Andresen; Karin Bäckstrand; Steven Bernstein; Michele M. Betsill; Harriet Bulkeley; Benjamin Cashore; Jennifer Clapp; Carl Folke; Aarti Gupta; Joyeeta Gupta; Peter M. Haas; Andrew Jordan; Norichika Kanie; Tatiana Kluvánková-Oravská; Louis Lebel; Diana Liverman; James Meadowcroft; Ronald B. Mitchell; Peter Newell; Sebastian Oberthür; Lennart Olsson; Philipp Pattberg; Roberto Sánchez-Rodríguez; Heike Schroeder; Arild Underdal; Susana Camargo Vieira; Coleen Vogel; Oran R. Young; Andrea Brock; Ruben Zondervan
1-Dec-2005Transitions to sustainability in production-consumption systemsLouis Lebel
1-Dec-2007Views of Chiang Mai: The contributions of remote-sensing to urban governance and sustainabilityLouis Lebel; Danai Thaitakoo; Somporn Sangawongse; Darika Huaisai
1-Jan-2019Water Use by Inland Aquaculture in Thailand: Stakeholder Perceptions, Scientific Evidence, and Public PolicyLouis Lebel; Phimphakan Lebel; C. Joon Chuah
1-Jul-2009Women farm fish: Gender and commercial fish cage culture on the upper Ping River, Northern ThailandPhimphakan Lebel; Prachaub Chaibu; Louis Lebel