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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2010Gaining public acceptance: A critical strategic priority of the World Commission on DamsJohn Dore; Louis Lebel
1-Jan-2014Gender and the management of climate-related risks in Northern ThailandLouis Lebel; Phimphakan Lebel; Boripat Lebel
1-Feb-2019Gender in development discourses of civil society organisations and Mekong hydropower damsLouis Lebel; Phimphakan Lebel; Kanokwan Manorom; Zhou Yishu
1-Jan-2015Gender relations and water management in different eco-cultural contexts in Northern ThailandLouis Lebel; Phimphakan Lebel; Patcharawalai Sriyasak; Songphonsak Ratanawilailak; Ram C. Bastakoti; Geeta B. Bastakoti
1-Jan-2014Global Environmental Change: Taking stock at a time of transitionDeclan Conway; Jon Barnett; Michele M. Betsill; Louis Lebel; Karen C. Seto
1-May-2012Governance and coastal boundaries in the tropicsLouis Lebel
1-Jan-2006Governance and the capacity to manage resilience in regional social-ecological systemsLouis Lebel; John M. Anderies; Bruce Campbell; Carl Folke; Steve Hatfield-Dodds; Terry P. Hughes; James Wilson
1-Jan-2017The governance of adaptation financing: Pursuing legitimacy at multiple levelsLouis Lebel; Albert Salamanca; Chalisa Kallayanamitra
18-Apr-2018Governance of aquaculture water useLouis Lebel; Phimphakan Lebel; Chong Joon Chuah
1-Oct-2009The governance of ecosystem services from tropical upland watershedsLouis Lebel; Rajesh Daniel
1-Jan-2020Governance of the water-energy-food nexus: insights from four infrastructure projects in the Lower Mekong BasinLouis Lebel; Andrea Haefner; Claudia Pahl-Wostl; Anik Baduri
17-Nov-2014Governing Ecosystem Services from Upland Watersheds in Southeast AsiaLouis Lebel; Rajesh Daniel
1-Jan-2021Impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic response on aquaculture farmers in five countries in the Mekong RegionLouis Lebel; Khin Maung Soe; Nguyen Thanh Phuong; Hap Navy; Phouvin Phousavanh; Tuantong Jutagate; Phimphakan Lebel; Liwa Pardthaisong; Michael Akester; Boripat Lebel
1-Dec-2016Impacts, Perceptions and Management of Climate-Related Risks to Cage Aquaculture in the Reservoirs of Northern ThailandLouis Lebel; Phimphakan Lebel; Boripat Lebel
1-Dec-2009Indigenous knowledge and decision making in Vietnam: Living with floods in an Giang Province, Mekong Delta, VietnamBach Tan Sinh; Louis Lebel; Nguyen Thanh Tung
1-Jun-2010Innovation cycles, niches and sustainability in the shrimp aquaculture industry in ThailandLouis Lebel; Rattanawan Mungkung; Shabbir H. Gheewala; Phimphakan Lebel
1-Jan-2020Innovation, Practice, and Adaptation to Climate in the Aquaculture SectorLouis Lebel; Hap Navy; Tuantong Jutagate; Michael Joseph Akester; Lenore Sturm; Phimphakan Lebel; Boripat Lebel
1-Feb-2012Institutional design propositions for the governance of adaptation to climate change in the water sectorPatrick Huntjens; Louis Lebel; Claudia Pahl-Wostl; Jeff Camkin; Roland Schulze; Nicole Kranz
1-Jan-2013Institutional fit and river basin governance: A new approach using multiple composite measuresLouis Lebel; Elena Nikitina; Claudia Pahl-Wostl; Christian Knieper
1-Mar-2011Institutional traps and vulnerability to changes in climate and flood regimes in ThailandLouis Lebel; Jesse B. Manuta; Po Garden