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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Dec-2010Earth system governance: A research frameworkFrank Biermann; Michele M. Betsill; Joyeeta Gupta; Norichika Kanie; Louis Lebel; Diana Liverman; Heike Schroeder; Bernd Siebenhüner; Ruben Zondervan
1-Jun-2020Editorial Access and Allocation in Earth System GovernanceJoyeeta Gupta; Louis Lebel
1-Dec-2015Effect of water de-stratification on dissolved oxygen and ammonia in tilapia ponds in Northern ThailandPatcharawalai Sriyasak; Chanagun Chitmanat; Niwooti Whangchai; Jongkon Promya; Louis Lebel
26-Jun-2018The effects of tactical message inserts on risk communication with fish farmers in Northern ThailandLouis Lebel; Phimphakan Lebel; Boripat Lebel; Anuwat Uppanunchai; Chatta Duangsuwan
3-Aug-2018Emotions, attitudes, and appraisal in the management of climate-related risks by fish farmers in Northern ThailandLouis Lebel; Phimphakan Lebel
1-Dec-2008Enabling sustainable production-consumption systemsLouis Lebel; Sylvia Lorek
1-Dec-2010Enabling sustainable shrimp aquaculture: Narrowing the gaps between science and policy in ThailandDao Huy Giap; Po Garden; Louis Lebel
1-Jan-2013Enclosing Ethnic Minorities and Forests in the Golden Economic QuadrangleJanet C. Sturgeon; Nicholas K. Menzies; Yayoi Fujita Lagerqvist; David Thomas; Benchaphun Ekasingh; Louis Lebel; Khamla Phanvilay; Sithong Thongmanivong
1-Aug-2017Entry points for climate-informed planning for the water resources and agriculture sectors in CambodiaVa Dany; Ros Taplin; Bhishna Bajracharya; Michael Regan; Louis Lebel
1-Sep-2013Environmental flows and water governance: Managing sustainable water usesClaudia Pahl-Wostl; Angela Arthington; Janos Bogardi; Stuart E. Bunn; Holger Hoff; Louis Lebel; Elena Nikitina; Margaret Palmer; Le Roy N. Poff; Keith Richards; Maja Schlüter; Roland Schulze; Andre St-Hilaire; Rebecca Tharme; Klement Tockner; Daniel Tsegai
1-Jan-2020Explaining Intentions by Vietnamese Schoolchildren to Adopt Pro-Environmental Behaviors in Response to Climate Change Using Theories of Persuasive CommunicationQuynh Anh Nguyen; Luc Hens; Ninh Nguyen; Charlotte MacAlister; Louis Lebel
1-May-2007Feeding aquaculture growth through globalization: Exploitation of marine ecosystems for fishmealLisa Deutsch; Sara Gräslund; Carl Folke; Max Troell; Miriam Huitric; Nils Kautsky; Louis Lebel
13-Nov-2017Floods and migrants: Synthesis and implications for policyLouis Lebel; Supang Chantavanich; Werasit Sittitrai
12-Oct-2012A framework for analysing transboundary water governance complexes, illustrated in the Mekong RegionJohn Dore; Louis Lebel; Francois Molle
1-Jun-2018The framing and governance of climate change adaptation projects in Lao PDR and CambodiaLouis Lebel; Mira Käkönen; Va Dany; Phimphakan Lebel; Try Thuon; Saykham Voladet
1-Nov-2012From applying panaceas to mastering complexity: Toward adaptive water governance in river basinsClaudia Pahl-Wostl; Louis Lebel; Christian Knieper; Elena Nikitina
1-Jan-2009Functional links between biodiversity, livelihoods, and culture in a hani swidden landscape in southwest chinaJianchu Xu; Louis Lebel; Janet Sturgeon
1-Jan-2010Gaining public acceptance: A critical strategic priority of the World Commission on DamsJohn Dore; Louis Lebel
1-Jan-2014Gender and the management of climate-related risks in Northern ThailandLouis Lebel; Phimphakan Lebel; Boripat Lebel
1-Feb-2019Gender in development discourses of civil society organisations and Mekong hydropower damsLouis Lebel; Phimphakan Lebel; Kanokwan Manorom; Zhou Yishu