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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-May-2018Differences in clinical presentation and incidence of cardiopulmonary involvement in late-onset versus early-onset systemic sclerosis: inception cohort studySuparaporn Wangkaew; Phiriya Phiriyakrit; Vittawin Sawangduan; Narawudt Prasertwittayakij; Juntima Euathrongchit
1-Jan-2020Effect of insurance type on stage at presentation, surgical approach, tumor recurrence and cancer-specific survival in resectable non-small lung cancer patientsSophon Siwachat; Nirush Lertprasertsuke; Narumon Tanatip; Sarawut Kongkarnka; Juntima Euathrongchit; Yutthaphan Wannasopha; Thatthan Suksombooncharoen; Busayamas Chewaskulyong; Wil Lieberman-Cribbin; Emanuela Taioli; Somcharoen Saeteng; Apichat Tantraworasin
1-Aug-2012High-resolution computed tomographic findings in systemic sclerosis-associated interstitial lung disease: Comparison between diffuse and limited systemic sclerosisSumawadee Patiwetwitoon; Suparaporn Wangkaew; Juntima Euathrongchit; Nuntana Kasitanon; Worawit Louthrenoo
1-Jan-2009Hydronephrosis after radical hysterectomy: A prospective studyPrapaporn Suprasert; Juntima Euathrongchit; Pornnapa Suriyachai; Jatupol Srisomboon
3-Jul-2016Incidence and predictors of interstitial lung disease (ILD) in Thai patients with early systemic sclerosis: Inception cohort studySuparaporn Wangkaew; Juntima Euathrongchit; Pittaporn Wattanawittawas; Nuntana Kasitanon; Worawit Louthrenoo
6-Jun-2012Nodal involvement pattern in resectable lung cancer according to tumor locationSomcharoen Saeteng; Apichat Tantraworasin; Juntima Euathrongchit; Nirush Lertprasertsuke; Yutthaphun Wannasopha
1-Feb-2009Normal thoracic aortic diameter in thai people by multidetector computed tomographyJuntima Euathrongchit; Pariyanoth Deesuwan; Srun Kuanprasert; Surin Woragitpoopol
1-Jan-2019Outcomes of pulmonary resection in non-small cell lung cancer patients older than 70 years oldApichat Tantraworasin; Sophon Siwachat; Narumon Tanatip; Nirush Lertprasertsuke; Sarawut Kongkarnka; Juntima Euathrongchit; Yutthaphan Wannasopha; Thatthan Suksombooncharoen; Busayamas Chewaskulyong; Emanuela Taioli; Somcharoen Saeteng
1-Nov-2007Phase II study of cisplatin combined to irinotecan administered alternatingly with docetaxel in advanced non-small cell lung cancerChaiyut Charoentum; Sumitra Thongprasert; Busayamas Chewasakulyong; Juntima Euathrongchit; Sirikul Sorraritchingchai; Sutthirak Munprakan
1-May-2020Rapid skin thickness progression rate is associated with high incidence rate of cardiopulmonary complications in patients with early diffuse cutaneous systemic sclerosis: inception cohort studySuparaporn Wangkaew; Harit Thongwitokomarn; Narawudt Prasertwittayakij; Juntima Euathrongchit
1-Sep-2016Results of an evidence-based care bundle for reducing ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP) in neurosurgical patientsSuphannee Triamvisit; Chatchanee Maneewan; Prapassorn Bunturat; Wassana Wongprasert; Kriengsak Limpassatan; Nongyao Kasatpibal; Juntima Euathrongchit
1-Jan-2014Retrospective study of ALK rearrangement and clinicopathological implications in completely resected nonsmall cell lung cancer patients in northern Thailand: Role of screening with D5F3 antibodiesApichat Tantraworasin; Nirush Lertprasertsuke; Sarawut Kongkarnka; Juntima Euathrongchit; Yutthaphan Wannasopha; Somcharoen Saeteng
1-Jan-2018Tuberculosis among healthcare workers at Chiang Mai university hospital, Thailand: Clinical and microbiological characteristics and treatment outcomesJuthamas Inchai; Chalerm Liwsrisakun; Chaiwat Bumroongkit; Juntima Euathrongchit; Pattraporn Tajarernmuang; Chaicharn Pothirat
1-Jan-2020Worsening of esophageal dilatation is associated with increase in a high-resolution computed tomography (HRCT) score in early systemic sclerosis-associated interstitial lung disease (SSc-ILD)Suparaporn Wangkaew; Phumiphat Losuriya; Juntima Euathrongchit