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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2015Effect of fruit dipping in sodium hypochlorite and oxalic acid then coating in bees-carnauba mixed wax on peel browning and decay of Vietnamese longan fruitLe Ha Hai; Jamnong Uthaibutra
1-Jan-2019Effect of ozone microbubbles with various temperatures on the chlorpyrifos insecticide removal in tangerine cv. Sai Nam PhuengWirin Singtoraj; Jamnong Uthaibutra; Kanda Whangchai
19-Aug-2017Effects of chlorine dioxide fumigation on redox balancing potential of antioxidative ascorbate-glutathione cycle in ‘Daw’ longan fruit during storageAthiwat Chumyam; Lalida Shank; Bualuang Faiyue; Jamnong Uthaibutra; Kobkiat Saengnil
1-Jun-2016Effects of chlorine dioxide on mitochondrial energy levels and redox status of 'Daw' longan pericarp during storageAthiwat Chumyam; Lalida Shank; Jamnong Uthaibutra; Kobkiat Saengnil
Dec-2014Effects of gaseous chlorine dioxide fumigation on oxidative damage and antioxidant defense system involved in pericarp browning during storage of Longan fruit cv. DawKobkiat Saengnil; Jamnong Uthaibutra; Pornchai Rachtanapun; Warunee Chomkitichai
1-May-2010The effects of sugar application on the concentrations of anthocyanin and flavonol of 'mahajanaka' mango (mangifera indica linn. cv. mahajanaka) fruitKanyarat Lueangprasert; Jamnong Uthaibutra; Kobkiat Saengnil; Osamu Arakawa
1-Nov-2017Effects of water-deficit stress and paclobutrazol on growth, relative water content, electrolyte leakage, proline content and some antioxidant changes in Curcuma alismatifolia Gagnep. cv. Chiang Mai PinkJarunee Jungklang; Kobkiat Saengnil; Jamnong Uthaibutra
1-Jun-2020Exogenous methyl salicylate alleviates senescent spotting by enhancing the activity of antioxidative ascorbate-glutathione cycle in harvested ‘Sucrier’ bananasSirawich Chotikakham; Bualuang Faiyue; Jamnong Uthaibutra; Kobkiat Saengnil
15-Mar-2020Gaseous chlorine dioxide increases energy status and energy metabolism-related enzyme activities leading to reduction in pericarp browning of longan fruit during storageThanakorn Vichaiya; Jamnong Uthaibutra; Kobkiat Saengnil
1-Oct-2019Induced expression of NOX and SOD by gaseous sulfur dioxide and chlorine dioxide enhances antioxidant capacity and maintains fruit quality of ‘Daw’ longan fruit during storage through H<inf>2</inf>O<inf>2</inf> signalingAtinut Joradol; Jamnong Uthaibutra; Pathrapol Lithanatudom; Kobkiat Saengnil
1-Apr-2017Influence of paclobutrazol on growth performance, photosynthetic pigments, and antioxidant efficiency of Pathumthani 1 rice seedlings grown under salt stressBundit Khunpon; Suriyan Cha-Um; Bualuang Faiyue; Jamnong Uthaibutra; Kobkiat Saengnil
1-Dec-2018Paclobutrazol mitigates salt stress in indica rice seedlings by enhancing glutathione metabolism and glyoxalase systemBundit Khunpon; Suriyan Cha-um; Bualuang Faiyue; Jamnong Uthaibutra; Kobkiat Saengnil
26-Jul-2011The prevention of pericarp browning and the maintenance of post-harvest quality in vietnamese longan cv. long, using sodium metabisulfite treatmentLe Ha Hai; Jamnong Uthaibutra; Adisak Joomwong
1-Sep-2011Reduction of enzymatic browning of harvested 'Daw' longan exocarp by sodium chloriteBundit Khunpon; Jamnong Uthaibutra; Bualuang Faiyue; Kobkiat Saengnil
7-May-2014Reduction of reactive oxygen species production and membrane damage during storage of 'Daw' longan fruit by chlorine dioxideWarunee Chomkitichai; Athiwat Chumyam; Pornchai Rachtanapun; Jamnong Uthaibutra; Kobkiat Saengnil
1-Jan-2019Regulation on antioxidant defense system in rice seedlings (Oryza sativa L. ssp. indica cv. 'Pathumthani 1') under salt stress by paclobutrazol foliar applicationBundit Khunpon; Suriyan Cha-Um; Bualuang Faiyue; Jamnong Uthaibutra; Kobkiat Saengnil
1-Dec-2011Sunlight-stimulated phenylalanine ammonia-lyase (PAL) activity and anthocyanin accumulation in exocarp of 'Mahajanaka' mangoKobkiat Saengnil; Kanyarat Lueangprasert; Jamnong Uthaibutra
1-May-2014Use of chlorine dioxide fumigation to alleviate enzymatic browning of harvested 'Daw' longan pericarp during storage under ambient conditionsKobkiat Saengnil; Athiwat Chumyam; Bualuang Faiyue; Jamnong Uthaibutra