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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
6-Sep-2023Antioxidant activity of honey with Star fruit concentrated product and its effects combined with exercise on oxidative stress and physical function in healthy elderly.Jirakrit Leelarungrayub; Surapol Natakankitkul; Jakkrit Klaphajone; Jynwara Kaju
1-Jan-2013Assessment of Music Therapy for Rehabilitation Among Physically Disabled People in Chiang Mai Province: A Pilot StudyJakkrit Klaphajone; Lakkana Thaikruea; Montana Boontrakulpoontawee; Pakorn Vivatwongwana; Sittichai Kanongnuch; Anuruk Tantong
1-Nov-2005Botulinum toxin type A injections for treating neurogenic detrusor overactivity combined with low-compliance bladder in patients with spinal cord lesionsJakkrit Klaphajone; Wasuwat Kitisomprayoonkul; Supon Sriplakit
1-Jan-2017Clinical predictors for walking recovery within six months post stroke: A retrospective cohort study in ThailandSiriphan Kongsawasdi; Jakkrit Klaphajone; Kanokwan Watcharasaksilp; Pakorn Wivatvongvana
1-Apr-2021Complications during the inpatient rehabilitation period in neurological subjects a multicenter studyJakkrit Klaphajone; Pattra Wattanapan; Punjama Tunwattanapong; Wuttiganok Wangno; Vilai Kuptniratsaikul
1-Sep-2018Effect of artificial respiratory muscle training in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary diseaseDecha Pinkaew; Jirakrit Leelarungrayub; Khanittha Wonglangka; Jakkrit Klaphajone
1-Sep-2021Effectiveness of Receptive Music Therapy with Imbedded 10 Hz Binaural Beats Compared with Standard Care for Patients with Major Depressive Disorder: A Randomized Controlled TrialPanitan Daengruan; Rattapong Chairat; Rewadee Jenruamjit; Dujrudee Chinwong; Awirut Oon-arom; Jakkrit Klaphajone; Poukwan Arunmanakul
12-May-2017Effects of a simple prototype respiratory muscle trainer on respiratory muscle strength, quality of life and dyspnea, and oxidative stress in COPD patients: A preliminary studyJirakrit Leelarungrayub; Decha Pinkaew; Rungthip Puntumetakul; Jakkrit Klaphajone
1-Sep-2017Effects of banana (Musa Sapientum Linn) consumption for physical strength, metabolic response, oxidative stress, lipid profiles, and interleukin-23 in healthy men: A preliminary studyJirakrit Leelarungrayub; Arisa Parameyong; Wichai Eungpinichpong; Jakkrit Klaphajone
1-Dec-2022Effects of combining two techniques of non-invasive brain stimulation in subacute stroke patients: a pilot studySutthikit Pipatsrisawat; Jakkrit Klaphajone; Kittipong Kitisak; Somporn Sungkarat; Pakorn Wivatvongvana
1-Mar-2017Effects of L-carnitine supplementation on metabolic utilization of oxygen and lipid profile among trained and untrained humansJirakrit Leelarungrayub; Decha Pinkaew; Jakkrit Klaphajone; Wichai Eungpinichpong; Richard J. Bloomer
1-Apr-2016Effects of manual percussion during postural drainage on lung volumes and metabolic status in healthy subjectsJirakrit Leelarungrayub; Wichai Eungpinichpong; Jakkrit Klaphajone; Mujalin Prasannarong; Kritsana Boontha
1-Jan-2021Effects of music embedded with binaural and superimposed beats controlling hypertension in older adults: A quasi experimental studySureerat Na Wichian; Jakkrit Klaphajone; Duangjai Phrompayak
1-Jan-2019Effects of newly-developed superimposed binaural beat on anxiety in university students in Thailand: A randomised controlled trialWuthichai Chairinkam; Lakkana Thaikruea; Jakkrit Klaphajone; Peerasak Lerttrakarnnon
1-Apr-2020Effects of synchronous and asynchronous music on heart rate and perceived exertion during aerobic exercise: A pilot studyPongsakorn Chaisurin; Jakkrit Klaphajone; Pongson Yaicharoen
1-Jan-2015Framework of knowledge-based system for practising long jumpers using movement recognitionTeerawat Kamnardsiri; Worawit Janchai; Pattaraporn Khuwuthyakorn; Parinya Suwansrikham; Jakkrit Klaphajone; Permsak Suriyachan
11-Oct-2011N-acetylcysteine supplementation controls total antioxidant capacity, creatine kinase, lactate, and tumor necrotic factor-alpha against oxidative stress induced by graded exercise in sedentary menDonrawee Leelarungrayub; Raphiphat Khansuwan; Prapas Pothongsunun; Jakkrit Klaphajone
2014Physical fi tness of fourth-year medical students at Chiang Mai UniversitySiam Tongprasert; Jakkrit Klaphajone; Pongson Yaicharoen
1-Jan-2018Prognostic Factors of Functional Recovery from Left Hemispheric StrokeSiriphan Kongsawasdi; Jakkrit Klaphajone; Kanokwan Watcharasaksilp; Pakorn Wivatvongvana
4-Oct-2016Short-term pulmonary rehabilitation for a female patient with chronic scleroderma under a single-case research designJirakrit Leelarungrayub; Decha Pinkaew; Khanittha Wonglangka; Wichai Eungpinichpong; Jakkrit Klaphajone