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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2016Frequency and predictors of estimated HIV transmissions and bacterial STI acquisition among HIV-positive patients in HIV care across three continentsSteven A. Safren; James P. Hughes; Matthew J. Mimiaga; Ayana T. Moore; Ruth Khalili Friedman; Kriengkrai Srithanaviboonchai; Mohammed Limbada; Brian D. Williamson; Vanessa Elharrar; Vanessa Cummings; Jessica F. Magidson; Charlotte A. Gaydos; David D. Celentano; Kenneth H. Mayer
23-Sep-2005High HIV, hepatitis C and sexual risks among drug-using men who have sex with men in northern ThailandChris Beyrer; Teerada Sripaipan; Sodsai Tovanabutra; Jaroon Jittiwutikarn; Vinai Suriyanon; Tasanai Vongchak; Namtip Srirak; Surinda Kawichai; Myat Htoo Razak; David D. Celentano
9-May-2005HIV infection among female drug users in Northern ThailandNamtip Srirak; Surinda Kawichai; Tasanai Vongchak; Myat Htoo Razak; Jaroon Jittiwuttikarn; Sodsai Tovanabutra; Kittipong Rungruengthanakit; Rassamee Keawvichit; Chris Beyrer; Kanokporn Wiboonatakul; Teerada Sripaipan; Vinai Suriyanon; David D. Celentano
1-Jan-2008HIV risk behaviors in sub-saharan africa and northern thailand: baseline behavioral data from project acceptBecky L. Genberg; Michal Kulich; Surinda Kawichai; Precious Modiba; Alfred Chingono; Gad P. Kilonzo; Linda Richter; Audrey Pettifor; Michael Sweat; David D. Celentano
1-Feb-2006HIV voluntary counseling and testing and HIV incidence in male injecting drug users in northern Thailand: Evidence of an urgent need for HIV preventionSurinda Kawichai; David D. Celentano; Tassanai Vongchak; Chris Beyrer; Vinai Suriyanon; Myat Htoo Razak; Namtip Srirak; Kittipong Rungruengthanakit; Jaroon Jittiwutikarn
1-Dec-2008The HIV/AIDS epidemic in Thailand - The first two decadesSuwat Chariyalertsak; Apinun Aramrattana; David D. Celentano
1-Jan-2007Hormonal contraception and the risk of HIV acquisitionCharles S. Morrison; Barbra A. Richardson; Francis Mmiro; Tsungai Chipato; David D. Celentano; Joanne Luoto; Roy Mugerwa; Nancy Padian; Sungwal Rugpao; Joelle M. Brown; Peter Cornelisse; Robert A. Salata
1-Jun-2007Identification of CRF34_01B, a second circulating recombinant form unrelated to and more complex than CRF15_01B, among injecting drug users in northern ThailandSodsai Tovanabutra; Gustavo H. Kijak; Chris Beyrer; Christiana Gammon-Richardson; Supachai Sakkhachornphop; Tasanai Vongchak; Jaroon Jittiwutikarn; Myat Htoo Razak; Eric Sanders-Buell; Merlin L. Robb; Vinai Suriyanon; Deborah L. Birx; Nelson L. Michael; David D. Celentano; Francine E. Mccutchan
1-May-2009Incidence of HIV and sexually transmitted infections and risk factors for acquisition among young methamphetamine users in northern ThailandCatherine G. Sutcliffe; Apinun Aramrattana; Susan G. Sherman; Bangorn Sirirojn; Danielle German; Kanlaya Wongworapat; Vu Minh Quan; Rassamee Keawvichit; David D. Celentano
1-Jul-2007Incident and prevalent herpes simplex virus type 2 infection increases risk of HIV acquisition among women in Uganda and ZimbabweJoelle M. Brown; Anna Wald; Alan Hubbard; Kittipong Rungruengthanakit; Tsungai Chipato; Sungwal Rugpao; Francis Mmiro; David D. Celentano; Robert S. Salata; Charles S. Morrison; Barbra A. Richardson; Nancy S. Padian
1-Jan-2005The influence of Thailand's 2003 'war on drugs' policy on self-reported drug use among injection drug users in Chiang Mai, ThailandTassanai Vongchak; Surinda Kawichai; Susan Sherman; David D. Celentano; Thira Sirisanthana; Carl Latkin; Kanokporn Wiboonnatakul; Namtip Srirak; Jaroon Jittiwutikarn; Apinun Aramrattana
1-Jan-2008Initiation of Methamphetamine Use Among Young Thai Drug Users: A Qualitative StudySusan G. Sherman; Danielle German; Bangorn Sirirojn; Nick Thompson; Apinun Aramrattana; David D. Celentano
1-Jan-2005Injection prevalence and risks among male ethnic minority drug users in northern ThailandE. W. Wiewel; V. F. Go; S. Kawichai; C. Beyrer; T. Vongchak; N. Srirak; J. Jittiwutitikarn; V. Suriyanon; M. H. Razak; David D. Celentano
1-Jul-2008Male circumcision and women's risk of incident chlamydial, gonococcal, and trichomonal infectionsAbigail Norris Turner; Charles S. Morrison; Nancy S. Padian; Jay S. Kaufman; Frieda M. Behets; Robert A. Salata; Francis A. Mmiro; Tsungai Chipato; David D. Celentano; Sungwal Rugpao; William C. Miller
19-Feb-2016Methamphetamine use is associated with high levels of depressive symptoms in adolescents and young adults in Rural Chiang Mai Province, ThailandLauren E. Dimiceli; Susan G. Sherman; Apinun Aramrattana; Bangorn Sirirojn; David D. Celentano
1-Dec-2010Mortality among injection drug users in northern thailand: A prospective cohort studyVu Minh Quan; Apinun Aramrattana; Tasanai Vongchak; Carl Latkin; Deborah Donnell; Ting Yuan Liu; Kanokporn Wiboonnatakul; David D. Celentano
1-Aug-2006Motivations for methamphetamine cessation among young people in northern ThailandDanielle German; Susan G. Sherman; Bangorn Sirirojn; Nick Thomson; Apinun Aramrattana; David D. Celentano
1-Mar-2007Patterns of HIV and syphilis infection in Northern Thailand 1998-2001Chris Beyrer; Surinda Kawichai; Joseph A. Hyder; Sompoth Borwornsin; Namtip Srirak; Chawalit Natpratan; David D. Celentano; Chirasak Khamboonruang
1-May-2009Patterns of methamphetamine use and symptoms of depression among young adults in northern ThailandCatherine G. Sutcliffe; Danielle German; Bangorn Sirirojn; Carl Latkin; Apinun Aramrattana; Susan G. Sherman; David D. Celentano
1-Feb-2009Patterns of Risky Behaviors Associated with Methamphetamine Use Among Young Thai Adults: A Latent Class AnalysisSusan G. Sherman; Catherine G. Sutcliffe; Danielle German; Bangorn Sirirojn; Apinun Aramrattana; David D. Celentano