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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Fivefold increase in derivation rates of mouse embryonic stem cells after supplementation of the media with multiple factorsDoungpunta J.; Santhi A.; Sathanawongs A.; Jarujinda Y.; Oranratnachai A.
2009P14 In vitro fertilization of porcine oocytes by frozen-thawed semen: Effect of sperm: Oocyte ratioPanasophonkul S.; Tharasanit T.; Techakumphu M.
2008Protection of chickens from fowl cholera by vaccination with recombinant adhesive protein of Pasteurella multocidaSthitmatee N.; Numee S.; Kawamoto E.; Sasaki H.; Yamashita K.; Takahashi N.; Kataoka Y.; Sawada T.
2008Evaluation of serum chondroitin sulfate and hyaluronan: Biomarkers for osteoarthritis in canine hip dysplasiaNganvongpanit K.; Itthiarbha A.; Ong-Chai S.; Kongtawelert P.
2003Identification of the Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae serotype using PCR based-apx genesSthitmatee N.; Sirinarumitr T.; Makonkewkeyoon L.; Sakpuaram T.; Tesaprateep T.
2001Enteric parasitosis in northern Thailand dairy heifers and heifer calvesPadungtod P.; Kaneene J.B.; Jarman D.; Jones K.; Johnson R.; Drummond A.; Duprey Z.; Chaichanapunpol I.
2008Cross-sectional study of Trichinella spp in pigs in CDR, Nepal using pepsin digestion and Elisa serologyKarn S.K.; Horchner F.; Srikitjakarn L.; Baumann M.; Nockler K.
2006Antimicrobial resistance in Campylobacter isolated from food animals and humans in northern ThailandPadungtod P.; Kaneene J.B.; Hanson R.; Morita Y.; Boonmar S.
2009Loss of l-ascorbic acid in commercial drinking milk caused by milk processing and storage timesNalame N.; Chaisri W.; Suriyasathaporn W.
2009Prospective evaluation of serum biomarker levels and cartilage repair by autologous chondrocyte transplantation and subchondral drilling in a canine modelNganvongpanit K.; Pothacharoen P.; Chaochird P.; Klunklin K.; Warrit K.; Settakorn J.; Pattamapaspong N.; Luevitoonvechkij S.; Arpornchayanon O.; Kongtawelert P.; Pruksakorn D.