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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008A cleaner and simple spectrophotometric micro-fluidic procedure for copper determination using nitroso-R salt as chromogenic agentKruanetr S.; Tengjaroenkul U.; Liawruangrath B.; Liawruangrath S.
2001Asparagus-based amperometric sensor for fluoride determinationLiawruangrath S.; Oungpipat W.; Watanesk S.; Liawruangrath B.; Dongduen C.; Purachat P.
2008Synthesis of castanospermineMachan T.; Davis A.S.; Liawruangrath B.; Pyne S.G.
2007Simultaneous determination of neomycin sulfate and polymyxin B sulfate by capillary electrophoresis with indirect UV detectionSrisom P.; Liawruangrath B.; Liawruangrath S.; Slater J.M.; Wangkarn S.
2007High-performance liquid chromatographic determination of arbutin in skin-whitening creams and medicinal plant extractsThongchai W.; Liawruangrath B.; Liawruangrath S.
2009Flow injection analysis of total curcuminoids in turmeric and total antioxidant capacity using 2,2′-diphenyl-1-picrylhydrazyl assayThongchai W.; Liawruangrath B.; Liawruangrath S.
2009Arbutin determination in medicinal plants and creamsThongchai W.; Liawruangrath B.; Liawruangrath S.
2001Simultaneous determination of tolperisone and lidocaine by high performance liquid chromatographyLiawruangrath S.; Liawruangrath B.; Pibool P.
2001High performance thin layer chromatographic determination of erythromycin in pharmaceutical preparationsLiawruangrath B.; Liawruangrath S.
2006Flow injection chemiluminescence determination of cefadroxil using potassium permanganate and formaldehyde systemThongpoon C.; Liawruangrath B.; Liawruangrath S.; Wheatley R.A.; Townshend A.