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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Determination of nitrofurans residues in animal feeds by flow injection chemiluminescence procedureThongsrisomboon P.; Liawruangrath B.; Liawruangrath S.; Satienperakul S.
2012Comparison of Chemical constituents and antibacterial activities and antioxidant activities of the essential oil from leaves and fruits of Bridelia retusa (L.) A. JussSanseera D.; Niwatananun W.; Liawruangrath S.; Baramee A.; Khantawa B.; Pyne S.G.; Liawruangrath B.
2001High performance thin layer chromatographic determination of erythromycin in pharmaceutical preparationsLiawruangrath B.; Liawruangrath S.
2006Flow injection chemiluminescence determination of cefadroxil using potassium permanganate and formaldehyde systemThongpoon C.; Liawruangrath B.; Liawruangrath S.; Wheatley R.A.; Townshend A.
2013Concise synthesis of (-)-steviamine and analogues and their glycosidase inhibitory activitiesJiangseubchatveera N.; Bouillon M.E.; Liawruangrath B.; Liawruangrath S.; Nash R.J.; Pyne S.G.
2007Micellar liquid chromatographic determination of penicillins in pharmaceuticalsSrisom P.; Liawruangrath B.; Liawruangrath S.
2002Design and fabrication of a low-cost flow-through cell for the determination of acetaminophen in pharmaceutical formulations by flow injection cyclic voltammetryMasawat P.; Liawruangrath S.; Vaneesorn Y.; Liawruangrath B.
2012Anticancer and antibacterial activities of the isolated compounds from Solanum spirale Roxb. leavesKeawsa-Ard S.; Natakankitkul S.; Liawruangrath S.; Teerawutgulrag A.; Trisuwan K.; Charoenying P.; Pyne S.G.; Liawruangrath B.
2007Greener analytical method for the determination of copper(II) in wastewater by micro flow system with optical sensorLeelasattarathkul T.; Liawruangrath S.; Rayanakorn M.; Liawruangrath B.; Oungpipat W.; Youngvises N.
2005Flow injection chemiluminescence determination of cephalosporins in pharmaceutical preparations using tris (2,2′-bipyridyl) ruthenium (II)-potassium permanganate systemThongpoon C.; Liawruangrath B.; Liawruangrath S.; Wheatley R.A.; Townshend A.