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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jul-2011Screening of potential Aspergillus spp. For production of fermented soybean with high antioxidative activityPunjaisee,C.; Visessanguan,W.; Punjaisee,S.; Chaiyasut,C.
1-Dec-2012Influence of diluents and binders on the yield, friability, and flowability of alpinia galanga extract granulesPrakatthagomol W.; Yotsawimonwat S.; Okonogi S.
1-Jul-2012In vitro antibacterial activity of Psidium guajava Linn. Leaf extracts against pathogenic bacteria in pigsPuntawong S.; Okonogi S.; Pringproa K.
1-Jul-2012Antioxidant and anticancer activities from aerial parts of Acalypha indica Linn.Sanseera,D.; Niwatananun,W.; Liawruangrath,B.; Liawruangrath,S.; Baramee,A.; Trisuwan,K.; Pyne,S.G.
1-Jul-2012In vitro evaluation of pectin-coated starch granules for colonic deliveryRatithammatorn T.; Sirithunyalug B.; Yotsawimonwat S.; Thongwai N.; Sirithunyalug J.
1-Jul-2011Formulation of Houttuynia cordata standardized extract tabletsSriya,O.; Sirimontree,I.; Panthuvanich,S.; Kittipongpatana,N.
1-Jul-2011Versatile compression force measuring system for rotary tablet pressesPimhataivoot,P.; Tipduangta,P.; Sirithunyalug,B.; Sirithunyalug,J.
1-Dec-2012Adhesion and utilization of native starch granules by Lactobacillus amylovorusRatithammatorn,T.; Thongwai,N.; Yotsawimonwat,S.; Sirithunyalug,B.; Sirithunyalug,J.
1-Jul-2012Comparison of antibacterial activity against food-borne bacteria of Alpinia galanga, Curcuma longa, and Zingiber cassumunarPrakatthagomol W.; Sirithunyalug J.; Okonogi S.
1-Dec-2012Antioxidant activities of soybean fermented with Aspergillus oryzae BCC 3088Punjaisee,C.; Visessanguan,W.; Punjaisee,S.; Chaiyasut,C.