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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Biological activities of phenolic compounds isolated from galls of Terminalia chebula Retz. (Combretaceae)Manosroi A.; Jantrawut P.; Akazawa H.; Akihisa T.; Manosroi J.
2010Characterization of potent anticholinesterase plant oil based microemulsionChaiyana W.; Saeio K.; Hennink W.E.; Okonogi S.
2010Effectiveness of pharmacist-participated warfarin therapy management: A systematic review and meta-analysisSaokaew S.; Permsuwan U.; Chaiyakunapruk N.; Nathisuwan S.; Sukonthasarn A.
2010Skin improvement and stability of Echinacea purpurea dermatological formulationsYotsawimonwat S.; Rattanadechsakul J.; Rattanadechsakul P.; Okonogi S.
2010Phenolic content and in vitro inhibitory effects on oxidation and protein glycation of some thai medicinal plantsPovichit N.; Phrutivorapongkul A.; Suttajit M.; Chaiyasut C.; Leelapornpisid P.
17-May-2011Medicinal plants of the Mien (Yao) in Northern Thailand and their potential value in the primary healthcare of postpartum womenPanyaphu,K.; Van On,T.; Sirisa-Ard,P.; Srisa-Nga,P.; Chansakaow,S.; Nathakarnkitkul,S.
25-Jul-2011Biochemical mechanism of modulation of human p-glycoprotein by stemofolineChanmahasathien,W.; Ohnuma,S.; Ambudkar,S.V.; Limtrakul,P.N.
1-Feb-2012Preparation and physicomechanical properties of co-precipitated rice starch-colloidal silicon dioxideKittipongpatana,O.S.; Kittipongpatana,N.
1-Apr-2012Caesalpinia sappan extract inhibits IL1β-mediated overexpression of matrix metalloproteinases in human chondrocytesToegel,S.; Wu,S.; Otero,M.A.; Goldring,M.B.; Leelapornpisid,P.; Chiari,C.; Kolb,A.; Unger,F.M.; Windhager,R.; Viernstein,H.
10-Feb-2012Characteristics of cannabinoids composition of Cannabis plants grown in Northern Thailand and its forensic applicationTipparat,P.; Natakankitkul,S.; Chamnivikaipong,P.; Chutiwat,S.