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Title: Designing a gamified e-learning environment for teaching undergraduate ERP course based on big five personality traits
Authors: Ariya Pakinee
Kitti Puritat
Authors: Ariya Pakinee
Kitti Puritat
Keywords: Social Sciences
Issue Date: 1-Jul-2021
Abstract: The COVID-19 pandemic forced universities to push the use of distance learning, impacting an unprecedented number of students. New norms of social distancing and lockdown had been brought in as university measures, immediately modifying student and lecturer habits, changing from the traditional classroom to e-learning platforms. However, the lack of engagement of students throughout an e-learning system is a regular concern among lecturers when creating content on a system. This study presents an applied gamification concept to e-learning focusing on improving engagement of the various types of personalities of undergraduate students in ERP courses. The gamification design was developed by implementing the pros and cons of each game element to compromise the overall performance of students. Three evaluations were conducted:1) to test whether the student has competently gained ERP knowledge; 2) web monitor to record the activity of students; 3) to evaluate the qualitative information of the game experience by interviews. According to the study, the selection of a game element based on personality traits does not necessarily improve knowledge but proves to allow better engagement in the course. In addition, our finding also provides the suggestions for designing game elements based on personality traits.
ISSN: 15737608
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