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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Prenatal diagnosis of transposition-like double-outlet right ventricle with mitral valve atresia in heterotaxy syndromeTongsong T.; Sittiwangkul R.; Wanapirak C.; Sirichotiyakul S.
2010Training in cordocentesis: The first 50 case experience with and without a cordocentesis training modelTongprasert F.; Wanapirak C.; Sirichotiyakul S.; Piyamongkol W.; Tongsong T.
2002Prenatal sonographic diagnosis of diastrophic dwarfismTongsong T.; Wanapirak C.; Sirichotiyakul S.; Chanprapaph P.
2002Sonographic features of trisomy 13 at midpregnancyTongsong T.; Sirichotiyakul S.; Wanapirak C.; Chanprapaph P.
2005Prenatal sonographic diagnosis of tetralogy of fallotTongsong T.; Sittiwangkul R.; Chanprapaph P.; Sirichotiyakul S.
2006Intrauterine intravenous transfusion therapy for hydrops fetalis due to anemia of uncertain causesTongsong T.; Chanprapaph P.; Wanapirak C.; Sirichotiyakul S.
2005Experience of the first 50 cases of cordocentesis after training with modelTongprasert F.; Tongsong T.; Wanapirak C.; Sirichotiyakul S.; Piyamongkol W.; Chanprapaph P.
2001Prenatal diagnosis of β-thalassemia major by high-performance liquid chromatography analysis of hemoglobins in fetal blood samplesSanguansermsri T.; Thanarattanakorn P.; Steger H.F.; Tongsong T.; Chanprapaph P.; Wanpirak C.; Siriwatanapa P.; Sirichotiyakul S.; Flatz G.
2005Sensitivity and specificity of mean corpuscular volume testing for screening for α-thalassemia-1 and β-thalassemia traitsSirichotiyakul S.; Maneerat J.; Sa-Nguansermsri T.; Dhananjayanonda P.; Tongsong T.
2005Rupture of fetal ductus arteriosus aneurysmTongsong T.; Chanprapaph P.; Sittiwangkul R.; Sirichotiyakul S.