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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jun-2012Characteristics of the three ligaments of human spring ligament complex from a viewpoint of elementsTohno,Y.; Tohno,S.; Taniguchi,A.; Azuma,C.; Minami,T.; Mahakkanukrauh,P.
15-Nov-2014Curcuminoid derivatives enhance telomerase activity in an in vitro TRAP assayTaka,T.; Changtam,C.; Thaichana,P.; Kaewtunjai,N.; Suksamrarn,A.; Lee,T.R.; Tuntiwechapikul,W.
1-Jan-2014Melatonin ameliorates dexamethasone-induced inhibitory effects on the proliferation of cultured progenitor cells obtained from adult rat hippocampusEkthuwapranee,K.; Sotthibundhu,A.; Tocharus,C.; Govitrapong,P.
19-Sep-2014Excessive hyaluronan production promotes acquisition of cancer stem cell signatures through the coordinated regulation of twist and the transforming growth factor β (TGF-β)-snail signaling axisChanmee,T.; Ontong,P.; Mochizuki,N.; Kongtawelert,P.; Konno,K.; Itano,N.
24-Feb-2015Testosterone deficiency, insulin-resistant obesity and cognitive functionPintana,H.; Chattipakorn,N.; Chattipakorn,S.C.
8-Mar-2010Prevalence of Incontinence During Rehabilitation in Patients Following a StrokeKovindha,A.; Wyndaele,J.J.J.; Madersbacher,H.G.
22-May-2015Melatonin Protects Methamphetamine-Induced Neuroinflammation Through NF-κB and Nrf2 Pathways in Glioma Cell LineJumnongprakhon P.; Govitrapong P.; Govitrapong P.; Tocharus C.; Pinkaew D.; Tocharus J.
1-Dec-2011Gender difference in accumulation of calcium and phosphorus in the left coronary arteries of ThaisTohno,Y.; Tohno,S.; Mahakkanukrauh,P.; Minami,T.; Sinthubua,A.; Suwannahoy,P.; Ongkana,N.; Laowatthanaphong,S.; Azuma,C.
1-Jan-2012Down-regulation of the human VEGF gene expression by perylene monoimide derivativesTaka,T.; Joonlasak,K.; Huang,L.; Randall Lee,T.; Chang,S.W.T.; Tuntiwechapikul,W.
1-Mar-2012Accumulation of calcium and phosphorus in the coronary arteries of thai subjectsTohno,Y.; Tohno,S.; Mahakkanukrauh,P.; Minami,T.; Sinthubua,A.; Suwannahoy,P.; Khanpetch,P.; Azuma,C.