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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1981Structural analysis of hemoglobin Doi-Suthep II : found in association with beta thalassemia = การวิเคราะห์โครงสร้างของฮีโมโกล บินดอยสุเทพ 2 ในผู้ป่วยเบต้ธาลาสซีเมีย / Premjai JarusdumrongnitPremjai Jarusdumrongnit
1994Characterization of molecular defects in hemoglobin H patients by non-radioactive southern hybridzation = การตรวจหาความบกพร่องระดับโมเลกุลในผู้ป่วยฮีโมโกลบินเอซโดยวิธีเซาเทิร์นไฮบริไดเซชั่นแบบไม่ใช้สารกัมมันตภาพรังสี / Roongsiri MuangmoonchaiRoongsiri Muangmoonchai
1996The Development of a simple method for hyaluronan determination using biotinylation technique / Wannarat YingsangWannarat Yingsang
1996Production and characterization of monoclonal antibody against chondroitin 6-sulfate / Nathachai TiengburanatamNathachai Tiengburanatam
1996Development of ELISA method by using monoclonal antibody for aflatoxin B1 determination / Suwiwek LipigorngosonSuwiwek Lipigorngoson
1996Effects of lemon grass extract on Aflatoxin B1 mutagenesis activated by liver microsomal enzymes / Jiraporn SukbunteungJiraporn Sukbunteung
1996Effect of lemongrass extract on azoxymethane-induced colon carcinogenesis in rats / Ratchada SuaeyunRatchada Suaeyun
1997Prevalence of Alpha-Thalassemia 1 in pregnant women detected by polymerase chain reaction / Budsakorn KitsirisakulBudsakorn Kitsirisakul
1997Assessment of aflatoxin exposure in vegetarians and nonvegetarians / Teera ChewonarinTeera Chewonarin
1998The Development of methods for quantitation of serum total sialic acid and hyaluronan / Damratsamon SurangkulDamratsamon Surangkul